Red Boiler shipped equipment GRES-1

"Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA", which is part of the power engineering concern "Power Machines") has prepared another batch of equipment for the GRES-1 (Kazakhstan).

Units shipped to the customer front and rear walls of the secondary radiation shields with collectors and boiler P-57-3M. Previously, the station had sent units to the convective superheater headers, fastening blocks for the middle part of the radiation, the headset boiler.
The contract for the manufacture and supply of equipment for the GRES-1 of "EMA" and JSC "ZIO" signed in February 2011. In accordance with the document "EMA" committed to complete the project and put the replacement of the boiler to recover the second power GRES-1. The new equipment will replace the spent time of the boiler system.
OJSC "Power Machines" in accordance with a contract signed in April 2011, has already delivered for the second power station two drive turbines of 11 MW each, produced by JSC "Kaluga Turbine Plant". For the same power unit manufactured turbine generator TVV-500-2U3 500 MW.
In addition to supplying new equipment "Power Machines" in the period from 2006 to 2011, was repaired and put on the GRES-1 six rotors, low pressure (RND) steam turbine K-500-240 with a capacity of 500 MW, the members of the power station. At present, power engineering company will repair the seventh RND and manufacture of a new high-pressure rotor.
Implementation of the project equipment GRES-1 new equipment will reduce the risk of energy shortages in the region and will cover the growing demand for electricity in Kazakhstan.

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