Red Boiler ships the equipment to Greece

Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA") ships the high pressure heater PX-425 for the TPP "Keratsini" (Greece), weighing about 25.5 tons. Total cost of equipment — 9.6 million rubles.

The agreement on the reconstruction of the TPP "Keratsini" a total installed capacity of 200 MW of "EMA" and the company «Integro LTD» (Greece) signed at the end of last year. In accordance with the terms of the contract involves the supply of high pressure heater spiral type, developed by specialists of "EMA" for the unit number 8 TES "Keratsini". During the bidding specialists of "EMA" was proposed to replace the existing high pressure heaters cell-type foreign-made high-pressure heaters spiral type of Russian origin. The customer, having considered the proposals of the largest companies the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Italy, found the Russian offer the most effective.
Recall that the equipment of "EMA" has previously been successfully delivered to Greece for the TPP "Keratsini" (gas-oil boiler U-56), TPP "Florina" (MO-600), the TPP "Cardia" (MO-550), the TPP "Agios Dimitrios "(MO-550).
PX-425 — standard equipment, which is characteristic for the "Red boilermaker." According to experts, high pressure heater is designed to improve the efficiency of power through the feed-water heating boiler with heat steam withdrawn from the cylinder high-pressure turbine.
At the moment the unit number 8 TES "Keratsini" has four heaters in Italy. PX-425, manufactured by the "Red boilermaker," will replace one of them.

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