Red Boiler ships the equipment to Nyagan GRES

On the "Red Kotelshchik" is shipping the chimney, two blocks of 6 modules and four blocks 7 module for Nyaganskaya TPP.

To manufacture a chimney weighing 226.2 tons for Nyagan GRES of TDF "Red Boiler" began in October of this year, the end of the month portion of the order has already been shipped. Finish all the work on this equipment is scheduled for November 2010.

The diameter of the pipe is about 8 m, height — 60 m, weight — 226.2 m pipe is made of separate segments of the control assembly cylinder shells (shells). The total number of side-bars — 30 pcs. The chimney is installed directly next to the boiler, and is intended to eliminate the products of combustion. Such a design has already been tested in the manufacture of chimney for the Ufa TPP number 5.

In total, the company under contract to be manufactured two more stacks for Nyagan GRES weighing 226.2 tons each.

In parallel with the production of the chimney to Nyagan GRES "Red Kotelshchik" is manufacturing and waste heat boilers for the station.

At present, the company has shipped 18 cars from the first chimney and one car with mounting parts. Fully shipment of the equipment is scheduled for completion by the end of November.

In addition to the short-circuit current is shipping two blocks of 6 modules and four blocks 7 module for the same station. Recall the weight of each unit is 145 m length of the block is equal to 2410 cm, width — 331 cm, height — 369 cm equipment such dimensions at the "Red Kotelshchik" is made for the first time.

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