Red Forge back in operation

The shipbuilding and ship-repair factory "Red Forge" by the end of this year will launch a new production.

According to the press office of mayor of Arkhangelsk, the first unit of production includes a new plant for the production and repair of propeller-rudder equipment for ice-class vessels of any tonnage. The main mechanism of plant will be 600-ton machine for precision machining of screws. The equipment has already been delivered to the shop, is preparing for its installation. Currently, a trench to install the machine, scored 49 piles, made concrete formwork. The machine, ordered in Japan, can grind the details in the projections 6 9 meters in diameter weighing 85 tons. The first blank will arrive at the plant at the end of the year. The next phase of the reconstruction of the enterprise — installation of the assembly line of hull structures using laser technology. The equipment is designed in Germany. According to the director of "Red Forge" Nicholas Vaskov, it will be Russia’s first production line of this class in shipbuilding.   In January of 2011, "176th Shipyard" as a branch of "CA" Star "has gained 129 industrial facilities located on the territory of the" Red Forge, "said portal "The Russian shipping". Established industrial complex has retained a historic name. Under the federal program for the development of shipbuilding in the modernization of Russia "Red Forge" in the years 2014-2019 plans to invest more than 10 billion rubles. On the "176-m Shipyard" will create a new department, which will bring together under one roof scattered workshops and production. Provides for the construction of a new 150-meter quay, covered boathouse and floating dock measuring 130 m by 30 m for vessels of up to 15 tonnes. It will repair all ships "Northern Shipping Company" and "Murmansk Shipping Company", and icebreakers. Thus he dock will be built directly on the 176-m factory. It is also planned to create a separate department for the construction of warships. In the civilian sector, "the Red Forge" apart of the production of propeller-rudder equipment and assembly lines of hull structures planned construction of a new hangar and workshop overhaul courts. In addition, in the plant will be located marine testing facility, which includes a special vessel and shore-based hydraulic structure, in which the reference to the arctic conditions of operation will be tested new rudder-propeller, water-jet, vane, thrusters, manufactured at the plant.

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