Red October has released the first model of a new machine polychord PL 500 25 bricks

PJSC "Kharkov Machine-Building Plant" Red October ", the only
Eastern Europe provider of integrated technology solutions for
brick factories, produced the first model of a new machine polychord
cutting PL 500, comparable in performance to the Western European counterparts.

PL 500 — new product developed by the design office of the enterprise. When you create a
This technological complex its developers focused on the best
European models, such as the automatic Swiss company "Freymatik."
Automatic production capacity of 12,500 bricks per hour
the ability to cut a ceramic timber with high accuracy and the simultaneous application
chamfers on the three (or four) of the face brick.
"Brick chamfered at the outer edges — the kind of building material that
are highly demanded in the market, as it provides an aesthetic appearance
facilities. Therefore, we believe that the interest in this equipment will be
serious, especially at non-technical and operational characteristics we
established a competitive price on this car, almost one and a half times less
than in Western European counterparts, "- said the director of the plant Andrew Gura.
He noted that the company already has orders for this development, and the first
sample was shipped in April in Kazakhstan.
Previously, the company released the complexes polychord cutting CROC 46
applying a chamfer on one face of a brick. A new set of inherited structural and
technological features of the previous generation of technology, but taking into account more
contemporary challenges and specifics.
The design of key components used imported equipment, in particular,
used gearboxes «Lenze» and «Motovario», pneumatic «CAMOZZI».
One of the important features of the new complex in that the dimensions of bricks
Cutting can vary within wide limits, with adjustment to the new
dimensions easy to perform and is produced in a short time.
In addition, PL 500 in the machine refused to use a roller or belt
mechanisms: the measuring beam and the workpiece move on working surfaces
slip, which positively affects the appearance of products.
In general, this complex is provided a simple design, which allows
minimize the costs of maintaining and operating the equipment.
PJSC "Kharkov Machine-Building Plant" Red October "(trade
Brand — Plinfa) — the only one in Eastern Europe and the CIS specialized
an undertaking all kinds of specialized work in the construction and
modernization of brick plants: a study of raw materials, design
technological cycle, development and production of the equipment, its installation supervision and
service. The main consumers — production plants
brick and ceramic blocks ranging from 15 to 120 million bricks per year. Geography
Supply Company — all CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa.
The company was founded in 1870, today it employs 280 people.

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