Red Sormovo build oil tanker for Turkmenistan


Nizhny Novgorod plant "Red Sormovo" (included in the PSC) and the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan signed a new contract for the construction of an oil tanker project 19900 mixed "river-sea".

As the press-service of "USC" before the company won a victory in the relevant tender management. The project is made tanker Volga-Caspian Design Bureau. At the design stage of the tanker has been assigned the additional symbol in the symbol class — "Eco-design". The design of the ship provides its year-round operation on the inland waterways of Russia, as well as in the ice and in the shallow seas of the thin ice of the Arctic seas at an ambient temperature of + 30 degrees in summer to — 20 degrees in the winter.

This is not the first tanker that Sormovskie shipbuilders will build on request of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan. Previously on "Red Sormovo" for this customer were built 3 tankers:
tanker Sumbar (delivered to the customer in August 2009);
tanker Hazar (delivered to the customer in October 2009);
Tanker new project 19900 "Jeykhun" (passed in October 2010).

Technical characteristics of the tanker project 19900:
length — 141.4 m,
width — 16.84 m,
depth — 6.82 m,
deadweight in the sea — about 7,100 tons with a draft of 4.6 m,
deadweight in the river — 4700 tons with a draft of 3.6 m,
capacity 12 cargo tanks and two slop tanks — 8256 m3,
2 main engine power — 1200 kW each,
Cruising speed — 10.5 knots.

Class tanker — KM * Icel [1] R2 AUT1-ICS OMBO LI VCS Oil Tanker (ESP) Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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