Redeem a flasher. About the accident at the Minsk

The guy who shot down five children-winners, who were returning from the competition with medals, and their teacher, and her husband — not pop, not an oligarch, not a cop, not a banker, not an official with the flasher, not a deputy, not a top manager of "Lukoil". What can I say? There could have come out against the flashing lights at the heads, resent the ROC, not to refuel at "Lukoil", do not keep money in the bank "Vanguard". 


And then, there’s what we do? Not that I will, I will not with anyone, do not shake hands with someone? A simple Russian guy, Alexander Maximov, not rich, not a top, right-hand drive "Toyota". There are now trying to lure the opposition talk about the utility tariffs on such protests against Putin tries to lean on — the distribution of pairs of symbolic positions of the working regions and talk about American agents. Page of "VKontakte" page in the "Classmates", no "Facebook’s" wife, son, and his son went and drank with friends. All of the people. Alexander Maximov does not represent anyone, neither the church nor the government nor the opposition — no one, simple Russian people. And what shall bring sanctions against the people? 

That social networks ranged. Some, as usual: "Execute." Other: "This can be with each." With each? But really. Go to Moscow. One out enough to understand can.


Do not be drunk priest, do not have to be a top manager of "Lukoil", an official with flashing lights. What does the flasher? This one, on the "Mitsubishi-Lancer", which is now blinking furiously behind the headlights when I pulled up in front of the crosswalk — it had no flashing lights. The roof was not. She was in the driver’s head. She howled, sparkled and spun as ten government.

This one, on the "Daewoo Nexia," which today Sretenke beeped the car to slow down before the turn: "What’s he doing in my way when I want to quickly go round all right?" He did it not because in his mind without ceasing to work rotating beacon?

Or this, on the black "Honda Accord" beeped at Tver Boulevard pedestrians who, in his opinion, went across the road too slowly. What they trudge when I here the food? Yes, talking on a cell phone. Come run. This, to "Honda Accord" was not drunk, survey on alcohol would not have found. He just thinks that the way of it. It is worth it to sit down behind the wheel, as it includes an internal flasher terrible lukoylovskoy.


Or, the five BMWs, which shone further light on Leningradke because she wanted to go to 20 km / h faster than the rest. She did not have flashing lights on the roof, but the inside of the driver worked to the fullest. He knew that it was his band: dismissed. My speed, my location and a point of reference, the center of the coordinate system — for all. 

It’s not a thousand cars with flashing lights leaves every day on the streets of Moscow, it is hundreds of thousands, a million or two of these machines. 

If you keep your distance, you’re just a hick who does not know how to drive. Good leads are not the one who is well on the way to others, but one who knows how to go up against and fast spinning wheel, Shnyrov of the band in the lane to get up at a traffic light in front of a car. An acquaintance of a liberal journalist who wants us to have in the West, even he is wondering why I do not do that.

Here are the stream on the Butcher, get tired to list the brand, color and license plate, who believe that the parked cars are not allowed to leave your seat until they all will pass. Stop and let go? No, let him wait late at night or early in the morning. And that what’s taken in head to park in front of my nose? Her here, you see, it is necessary. Support the fool: let him go further, where it is necessary to me. 

Here bikers, who are now with the blessing of Putin with a terrible roar of rushing through the city, a full-kerf Mouzon (doubtful, by the way, but the blessing of our times.) But the owner representative "audit" with the number 999 lurking on the road, as if he was the owner at the G-tinted cab driver if he driver who, without asking, pobombit was away, and now the challenge is late master. He does not understand that the owner of such a machine should not be so easy to ride, but instead have to go and do a solid courtesy. 


They do not have flashing lights on the roof. But they might have had at least a second, if they had it, turn it on and take off in the opposite direction? And officials with visible flashing lights — these so just ask the bar, show something to strive for. They are, in essence, a simple Russian people, who are lucky enough to cash out their invisible flasher. 


"Each can happen" — written in simple networks of friends Moscow Man Alexander Maximov. Anyone traveling to Moscow on the machine to understand — yes, everyone here, well, everyone is ready to move to the second of five children-winners, two teachers and the old woman. Everyone, well, every second in my head flasher. No, everyone, and now all say that they latter. 


Of course, with everyone. It’s not every church to protest or go to a meeting, or take vows or receive an annual bonus of three million. A Maksimov — he’s not a member of the opposition, not an official with the flashing lights, not gay, not an oligarch, not a Jew, not the grantee, not Tajik, not Caucasian, not chock (though these are riding the same). This is because they are evil. And it is a simple Russian guy, a native Muscovite, no problems, everything. Normal. The basis of the nation. Such a war won. Such on bunker, only to take first. All at a glance. 


Good to appoint an evil that does not sound like me. And there seems to invisibility. Evil against each other is made every day, routinely, it immediately, and the punishment no one believes. Banal evil — the denial of the existence of others. The main evil Russian man — it is his ontology. Speaking philosophical language, he can not recognize the other ontological status equal to his own. Can not grasp how the other exists in the same sense as I am. I exist for real, others — like make-believe. They are not the same true.

Here I am — that’s another matter. I pinch myself by the hand, the leg — and it pains me. What others too, about it I want nothing. "I would like to rest in bed in the hospital," — says the first court hearing is sober Sasha Maximov. I look at the world from his frontal bone of his body out of the suit, and how I see the world — so it is, and the other can not be. Should not. He has no right. I have to respect as I respect myself. Pruning my way, once you learn how I feel hurt. And how can the other? It is not really.  

Dear "blue buckets"! Let us in between the pursuit of Nikita Mikhalkov (though it’s good for him humility, and all the fun), but still at least in between errands simple "Toyota", "Mazda", "Honda" and eight with simple Russian (Caucasian , Central Asian — regardless of party) drivers with internal flashing lights. We’ll see this on the road, catch, take off, ask tough questions, the network will post on the site of shame, surrender to the police video. And let them try not to react. 


Because while we’re chasing only Mikhalkov, ordinary Russian peasants is growing feeling that it’s all my fault Mikhalkov, Pushkin, Putin Puska, chocks, the cops, the opposition. And he — the victim, it all can be, from his wife left him, his new "Toyota" did not earn. Internal flasher turned on full blast, and drove.

And you, ordinary Russian driver, not pop, not official, not a top manager, going on the road, with a wick screw
the Pontus. Put out a flashing light and drive with God.

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