Redkinsky pilot plant has opened new plant for the production of medicines

July 11. Redkinsky pilot plant (Tver region). Opened a new plant for the production of medicines. It employs 35 professionals, mostly women. The production is equipped with the latest technology.

Head control and analytical laboratory at Skopintseva Barbara says: "It has built a new plant, new equipment and working conditions throughout the match. And last consumable products are purchased and the staff have a very highly skilled, trained. "


Without shoe covers, gowns and special permission to not get a new shop. Here everything is sterile — prevents unauthorized access by triple protection. Security in the production of medicines — a necessary measure.

It employs 35 professionals. The majority — women. Prepare solutions, control formulation packaged ready medications. The production is equipped with the latest technology.

Automation maximized, machines themselves take readings and display them on special monitors. Errors excepted — we will treat only high-quality drugs. Will — because while it’s a dress rehearsal. The plant in the near future is waiting for a license, preliminary tests were successful.

Sergey Kalugin, foreman of production of antibiotics, said: "All of the requirements of the license we have done, but came at a time when the license is transferred from one body to another. And in this regard, delayed official legalization of our department ".

The dream factory engineers — not to do drugs of preprinted forms, and from "scratch." To do this already and modern equipment and qualified personnel.

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