Refinery gases from installations will be used as raw materials in conjunction with the pyrolysis gas liquids

As part of modernization of the company will build an additional pipeline system. According to her gases with a high content of ethane, propane, butanes will be discharged from the refinery plant, to accumulate in the reservoir and after treatment in compressors sent to the line of NGLs for future use as a raw material for EP-300. So the company can replace up to 8 tons per hour of purchased natural gas liquids for raw materials, which until then was on the fuel system of the enterprise, it will significantly reduce the cost and save on the purchase of raw materials.

The quantity of gases, which is expected to take a refinery in EP-300, will increase consistently with the introduction of new oil refineries and in accordance with the plans of OAO "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" will reach 242 thousand tons per year by 2020.
According to a draft technical re-equipment company plans to convert fuel furnaces for refinery plants: in the refining instead of natural gas liquids (which has previously been used as fuel for stoves) will be used natural gas and NGL volumes released will go to the EP-300 as a raw material for the production of ethylene. For these purposes will be built about 4,000 feet of new pipeline to supply natural gas and exhaust gas liquids.

Complete the project of "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" plans in 2012.
In the work on the project "Installation of pipeline gas collection systems to refineries and NGL supply in-line", the company will invest 120 million rubles.

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