Refinery Oil Industry of Serbia received equipment manufactured by JSC Uralkhimmash

The operation for delivery of oversized equipment produced by "Uralkhimmash" for the refinery, "Petroleum Industry of Serbia" (NIS), which is being built in the Serbian town of Pancevo, with the participation of OAO "Gazprom oil".

Delivery of the equipment in Serbia was carried out by the company "Incotec CARGO". In total, during the period from January 2011 to March 2012 carried more than 70 pieces of oversized equipment weighing more than 5 million tons of freight.

Delivery of the equipment of JSC "Uralkhimmash" from Yekaterinburg to Pancevo (Republic of Serbia) was performed on the three patterns of transport: a direct rail connection, direct road links and mixed auto-boat service with congestion at the ports of Rostov-on-Don, Constanta and Pancevo. Moreover, some of these schemes have never been used in domestic transport industry. In particular, at the delivery absorber weighing 118 tons and a length 24.7 m, width and height of 2.9m and 3.4m for the first time in the history of the Russian rail in the transition from 1520 to 1435 was carried out by permutation of the wheelsets 16 -axle drawbar conveyor carrying capacity 240 tons.

Despite all the difficulties, including meteorological origin, a project to transport equipment for refineries, "Petroleum Industry of Serbia", which lasted more than a year, has been successfully implemented.

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