Refrigerators Biryusa

Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators "Biryusa" — one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in Russia.
The main activities of the company "Biryusa" — the production of household refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators "Biryusa" has a full production cycle — more than 85% of the parts are made independently of the materials and components of well known international manufacturers such as BASF, Danfoss, ACC, DOW, Ticona, Ilpea, Samsung. Production equipment is equipped with leading companies from Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea.

Today the products’ Biryusa "is implemented both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Well-developed network of service centers can perform warranty and post-warranty maintenance products throughout the sales.
Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators "Biryusa" ranked 2nd in terms of production in the Russian Federation. In 2011, total production amounted to 480 thousand units., Which is 12.6% more than in 2010 (426 thousand units).




Today the Company "Biryusa" produces 23 basic models of domestic refrigerators, 24 models of commercial refrigeration equipment, 4 models of wine cabinets. All kinds of products "Biryusa" have the warranty and full technical service firm service centers.


A little history


  • In August 1963, it was decided to establish the production of household refrigerators on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant.
  • In 1964 the serial production of refrigerators "Biryusa." The name "Biryusa" was given in honor of one of the most beautiful mountain rivers of Siberia.
  • In 1967 he began a regular supply of products "Biryusa" in the developed European countries: England, Germany, Austria, France and the Scandinavian countries. Export deliveries were made under the brand name «Snowcap», which translated means "snowy peak". Also, "Biryusa" in Europe has been implemented under the brands from manufacturers such as Zanussi, Thomson, Brandt, Electrolux.
  • In 2007, production was launched new products: coolers, ice machines and wine coolers. Started production of household refrigerators in different colors.


  • Since 2008, the mass production of refrigerators with the system No Frost, the transition to ozone-friendly refrigerant R600a. In the summer of 2008, "Biryusa" was released 25-millionth refrigerator.
  • The Company plans to "Biryusa": the implementation of a large-scale project on the transfer of the production of refrigerators ozone-friendly cyclopentane foam blowing agent and production of refrigerators with a new design.

  Factory Awards

2010: Prize "Best Russian Exporter 2009". The company "Biryusa" was recognized as among the best in the business field of "Mechanical Engineering (industrial equipment, household appliances)."

2005: Award "Best Russian Exporter" — the winner in the nomination "Best Exporter of the Industry" (engineering, industrial equipment) in 2004.

 2004: Prize "Russian National Olympus" in the category of "big business. Factories."

2002: title "The leader of the regional economy" in the "Automation and mechanization of production processes in the field of mass production of refrigeration"

2001: Diploma of the winner of the contest "1000 best enterprises of Russia — 2001" for high business activity, and effective follow-up work for the year.


By its 40th anniversary plant held a competition of old refrigerators, won by the owners of the appliances 1964 release. Instead, his "old man" and they got a new fridge "Biryusa" — one of the latest models.

In our family refrigerator "Biryusa," Grandma, even the first issue, he worked until 2005. Sorry, did not know about the contest :)

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