Refueling Su-34 in flight

Sukhoi Su-34 (tail number "21 red"), new construction of "Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after VP Chkalov". Novosibirsk, 16.12.2012 (c) Vyacheslav Maslov /

Take a look at the above video report about how the seasoned fighter tactical and strategic Russian Air Force. From the video, you can imagine the work unit tankers Il-78.

The unique wing air tankers IL-78 is located near Ryazan, just a few dozen of these boards. The amount of fuel in the tanks of the aircraft reaches 130 tons — more than half the weight of the aircraft.

This volume is enough to fill a few of long-range strategic aircraft or up to two dozen front-line fighters.

The speed at which the produced gas station is 800 kilometers per hour. Of special aggregates suspended operator filling which is in the tail of IL-78, produces a 24 meter hose with cone. This isreportedRIA Novosti reported.


"I can say that fill the strategic bomber Tu-95 easier. A refuel fighters sometimes in pairs. They are very quick, shustrenko, head turning, and by the end of the day is already falling off the neck," — said a senior engineer on-board instructor and operator refueling Denis Kurnosov.

IL-78 three suspended refueling unit. Through the hoses of these units on the wings of aircraft, usually run by strategic bombers — Tu-95 and Tu-160, as they are not afraid eddies of air, which remain tanker.

But the main task of the IL-78 — long-range strategic refueling aircraft during their hours of duty on the borders of Russia. Almost every such flight, the pilots say, a meeting with NATO fighters.

"Sometimes, NATO troops came and showed the" belly "of the plane, which is not only external fuel tanks, but also missiles, which can be applied by us and, if necessary, but fairly well-behaved, and we parted amicably," — said assistant commander of the air group air tankers Sharonov.

Air refueling is considered the top flying skills.


Stachys Zaremba

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