Refurbished in Ulyanovsk opened kindergarten number 186

Only in kindergarten will set up 12 teams to 206 people. Two groups of kindergarten combined type "Volgarik" designed for children with disabilities.

The opening of the six pre-school groups will provide a place in a kindergarten 100 children, and the new year will open the rest of the group.

To carry out repair work on reconstruction, refurbishment and redevelopment of the former high school number 60 for kindergarten number 186 has been allocated 100 million rubles. In Kindergarten equipped premises of the kitchen, laundry room, sports hall, swimming pool, a music room, a sensory room, physical therapy room, study educational psychologist, health care facilities and group rooms.

To date purchased and installed modern equipment, children‘s furniture, books, games, made landscaping: set verandas, hardscape, paved walkways. Sports fields equipped with a special rubber coating for mobile and sports games. The institution created special conditions for the care of children with disabilities who are in wheelchairs. 


Besides the kindergarten in Ulyanovsk operate another 19 municipal preschools compensating and 12 — combined type, which are all necessary conditions for the upbringing and development of children with various disabilities in health.

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