Refurbished opened 6 zdavoohraneniya facilities in 4 regions

In Zheleznogorsk renovated opened a children’s hospital.
In Zheleznogorsk opened a children’s hospital, which was closed for repairs on June 5 this year. Participation in the ceremony was the head of the closed Vadim Medvedev, CEO of MCC Peter Gavrilov, representatives of regional FMBA of Russia, etc.
For guests a tour of the refurbished offices and chambers, revealed a new, modern equipment installed in a hospital.


Vadim Medvedev said, despite the fact that many of the objects of the hospital campus require serious repairs, priority was made in favor of children’s hospital. With the request to negotiate and allocate the money to repair children’s hospital municipal authorities appealed to the Federal Medical-Biological Agency and received a positive response. To repair the building was allocated 70 million rubles.

In the village of the Annunciation of the Turin urban district, Sverdlovsk region opened general practice.

This is one of the four AFP that appeared in the Sverdlovsk region in 2012. A total of 275 of the Sverdlovsk region. The opening of the new general medical practice has solved the problem of rapid delivery of most types of health care — the village of Blagoveshchensk is located far from the city Turinsk (about 65 km). In the service area will also include the AFP on Kondrahina, p. Dymkovsky, etc. Green, Bohr, etc. Neymyshevo, the nearby small towns. The total number of people served 1,435 people. The expected capacity AFP — 27 patients per day. At the opening of the AFP in the Annunciation allocated 2 million 825 thousand rubles to repair the premises, 550 thousand rubles for the purchase of equipment and furniture.

In Yekaterinburg, renovated and modern medical equipment opens clinic of Children’s Hospital № 5.


Since 1997, the building department of rehabilitation work DGB number 5. After 15 years of intensive work, the building needed major repairs. In addition, the number 5 to the Children’s Hospital, which serves, including, and children growing district Academic, raised the issue of increasing the number of rooms which are receiving district pediatricians.

 In May 2012, as part of the modernization of health care for overhaul in the clinic DGB number 5 area of over 1,000 square meters has been allocated more than 10 million rubles, including the federal budget of 4.5 million rubles from the budget in Yekaterinburg — 5.6 million rubles. Additional 3 million rubles were allocated for the purchase of furniture and medical equipment. The total cost of "converting" the body was 13 million rubles. These funds were spent on the repair of the roof, the hot and cold water supply, sewerage, electricity and maintenance of ventilation, as well as the money was spent on new networks and computerized clinic. 

In Pskov opened student health

Today, 25 December, in the Rosa Luxemburg Street in Pskov was inaugurated the first body PskovGU student clinic. However, a full reception here will only begin after the Christmas holidays — from January 9th 2013 goda.Kak the correspondent of "Pskov truth" in the clinic bude work eight rooms of various specialist doctors (internist, neurologist, ENT, ophthalmologist, etc.) treatment room, gymnastics hall with gym and massage, as well as physiotherapy department. Clinic will serve 15,000 people — 10,000 students and 5,000 prepodavateley.Sovetnik PskovGU Rector, MD Natalia Ivanova emphasized that all construction works were carried out in the clinic as soon as possible: stroitelsvte decision was made in March 2012, and today the object is put into operation. Total for the project were spent 20 million rubles.

In Great Luke completed repair clinic number 1

The Governor of the Pskov Region Andrei Turchak, during his visit to the Great Luke, visited the clinic number 1 in which major overhaul, which took place in the framework of regional healthcare modernization program. For repairs spent 68 million rubles.

Under the contract, the repair to be completed Nov. 25, 2012, but the current work is almost completed.

Coming through the floor of a renovated building and looking at cabinets, A. Turchak was pleased with the quality of the work performed. "Everything is done cost-effectively, at the same time very accurately and qualitatively," — said the deputy governor of Vera Emelyanov. "You have to say that the repair has been made to be good, even compared to some of the Pskov objects, — said A. Turchak contractor and promised that this may not be the last item, which is to be repaired. "The federal program have ended, but the regional continues, — said the governor — and therefore on the southern zone of the area we are willing you to download, including by Nevel district hospital. We have large amounts for 2013 and 2014. " 

Chief physician of the city hospital Luki Igor slapped the governor outlined the problem that, in his view, requires the attention of both the urban and regional authorities. Around a renovated clinic is no place for travel and parking vehicles. Therefore, the main city hospital doctor turned to A. Turchak to help with the organization of pocket for transport. The governor instructed the head of N. Kozlovsky, to assist in resolving this issue.



 From my favorite Refurbished opened clinic
 Clinic Lyubimsky central hospital was opened after major repairs on Monday, December 24.
In an institution replaced utilities and networks, has a private entrance to the children’s clinic, provide accommodation to the antenatal clinic. 
The repair has been allocated 16.9 million rubles. Another 26.5 million went to the new equipment — a digital fluorography, X-ray diagnostic equipment, etc. In blyuzhayshee time to the clinic priveezut modern endoscopic equipment and ultrasound machines, the press service of the regional government.


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