Refurbished opened clinic and a clinic

In the village of Zhigalovsky renovated building opened clinic. The two-story wooden building was built in 1932. Complex repair it bylproveden first time. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk region, Nikolai Kornilov.

The minister said that the foundation of the building was renovated, the roof, replaced electrical networks, utilities, windows, interior decoration done. On this out of the budgets of all levels of health care modernization program Angara in 2012 was sent to 12.4 million rubles.

According to the chief medical health facilities Anna Danilova, the clinic is designed for 100 visits per shift. In addition, the complete renovation of buildings of a hospital, in which there are maternity, medical and surgical department of the hospital, the press service of the Governor of the Irkutsk Region and the Government of the Irkutsk region.

In Ust-Donetsk region after the overhaul of 11 million rubles opens outpatient clinic

 In the village Nizhnekundryuchenskoy after 5-month overhaul opened ambulatoriya.Kapitalnoe update dispensaries in Art. Nizhnekundryuchenskoy held for five months and was worth 11.1 million rubles from the program to modernize health care field. The structure of the hospital includes outpatient therapeutic profile with 25 seats, a clinic for 25 visits per shift, physiotherapy and treatment rooms, and housekeeping service for its facilities.

"In total, the healthcare modernization program for 2011-2012, Ust-Donetsk region received 54.2 million rubles. to strengthen the material and technical base. Of these, the overhaul — 33.3 million rubles. We are now preparing project documentation for the construction of a new clinic for 400 visits per shift. The development of rural medicine is a priority for the modernization of health care. Renovated and equipped medical clinic in Art. Nizhnekundryuchenskoy ensure the health of more than 4,000 villagers "- told in the press service said.

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