Refutation of botany at the Universiade

We liberastov new tantrum because of the enormous success of the Universiade, "Russian Kazan taken to the school and defeat them. Hooray, we is broken — bend the children." It is useful to learn from foreign countries near:

Natalia Dovgodko (Ukraine) — Olympic gold in London.
Daniel Visgott (Germany) — World champion.
Lithuanian rowers (5 people) — time champions of Europe.
Tian Qing (China) — Gold London.
Lee Yong Dae (South Korea) — Beijing gold and bronze in London.
By Song Hyun (South Korea) — winner of the World Cup.
Alexander Stud (Ukraine) — Bronze London.
Elshod Rasulov (Uzbekistan) — a multiple winner of the World Cup.
Ki Chun Wang (South Korea) — Silver in London.
Lukas Krpalek (Czech Republic) — European champion, the first number of the world rankings.
Barna Bor (Hungary) — a multiple winner of UEFA and FIFA.
Yanet berms (Cuba) — Silver in London and Beijing.
Ketelin Quadros (Brazil) — bronze in Beijing.
Iladis Ortiz (Cuba) — Gold London.
Gernot Elena (Italy) — winner of UEFA and FIFA.
Gianluca Malia (Italy) — winner of UEFA and FIFA.
Mikkeli Santucci (Italy) — winner of UEFA and FIFA.
Yuytun Luo (China) — Gold London.
Paola Milagros Espinosa Sanchez (Mexico) — winner of London and Beijing.
Ivan Garcia and German Sanchez (Mexico) — Silver in London.
Fabian Hambyuhen (Germany) — Silver in London.
Ryohei Kato (Japan) — Silver in London.
Yusuke Tanaka (Japan) — Silver Cup.


Arthur Zanetti (Brazil) — Gold London.
Hong Un Jong (S.Koreya) — Beijing gold.
Oleg Sirghi (Moldova) — Gold Championship.
Cha Kim Chol (S.Koreya) — Gold Cup.

Christina Iovu (Azerbaijan) — Bronze London.
Olga Harlan (Ukraine) — Beijing gold.
Kim Ji-young (South Korea) — Gold London.
A Lam Shin (South Korea) — Silver in London.

Oleg Stepko (Ukraine) — European Championship gold, two gold and two silver Youth Olympic Games in 2010.
Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) — London 2012 Bronze, Gold Cup Championship 2013.
Rohey Kato (Japan) — Silver in London in 2012.
Yusuke Tanaka (Japan) — silver, but not World Cup as it says here, and London, 2012.
Yang Hak Son (Korea) — London 2012 gold.
Yu Minobe (Japan) — medalek not get it, but participated in the 2012 Olympics.
Kim Bui (Germany) — participant of the London 2012 World Cup bronze
Ellie Black (Canada) — participant of the London 2012, two World Championship gold.
Elsa Garcia (Mexico) — participant of the London 2012. two gold, two silver and three bronze World Cup

Alexander Gerasimov? Nya (Belarus) 2 silver medals at the Olympic Games in London

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