Regional Perinatal Center opened in Tomsk


With 25 thousand square meters housed obstetric department, department of pathology of pregnant women, newborns and premature babies, intensive care, operating theater, laboratory, diagnostic, and other offices.
In the center of focus all the possible and the most advanced forms of assistance to expectant mothers

All wards in the new center — single, each equipped with a private bath, oxygen supply system, panic button to call up the staff and multifunctional bed. Perinatal Center is equipped with the most modern equipment, worth about half a billion rubles. Some devices are unique to the region — for example, the infusion system for transfusion solutions with programmable drug dosage unit of blood purification, and others.

"In the center are concentrated all the possible and the most advanced forms of assistance to expectant mothers, — the correspondent. ITAR-TASS acting chief physician Igor Stepanov. — Now experts will be able to implement the procedures used in the region were not available. Using existing equipment, our doctors will be able to nurse premature babies weighing 500 grams, which meets the criteria of live birth of the World Health Organization. We will also deal with the problems of infertility and reproductive function will start Crisis Pregnancy Center, where, in addition to medical, will be given medical and psychological, social and legal assistance. "

"The new perinatal center will help reduce infant mortality rates in the region", — said the head of the Department of Health of the Tomsk region Olga Kobyakova.

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