Register of sites with illegal content was launched in Russia

In Russia at a single register of websites containing information the dissemination of which is prohibited in the country.

The law "On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development," provides for the establishment on 1 November automated information system "Single register domain names, indexes pages of sites in the network and network addresses, enabling the identification of sites containing information dissemination in Russian Federation is prohibited. "

First of all we are talking about child porn, the instructions for suicide and drug manufacturing. In this case, the possible closure of the pre-trial sites. In the presence of other banned information the decision to close the resource will be made on the basis of a court order. Hit the web page at the "black list" means that telecom operators will be required to block access to this page throughout Russia. The law provides for a lock on the URL-address and by IP-address.


Experts believe that the blocking by IP may lead to the unavailability of respectable resources, which are located at the same address. Registry with the information gap will lead Roscomnadzor who runs this site On the resource provides a complaint form, which allows you to specify the page address and a description of the forbidden information and make screenshot of the page.


Directly to the registry online resources can bring solutions based on the Interior Ministry, Federal Drug Control, Epidemiology or Roskomnadzora, as well as a court order. Roscomnadzor will maintain a register which has the right to engage a third-party organization. "Black list" of sites will be partially open to visitors. They will be able to check for a particular site in the registry, but will not be able to see the entire list. In this regard, the operators will have access to the entire list, and, as previously stated in Roskomnadzor, any liability for the transmission of this list is not provided to third parties.


In fact, to lock a resource on which the complaint is withdrawn six days — the day the transfer request from the Roskomnadzora (or other registry operator) to the authorized agency, a day before the appeal by the authorized body and a response to the Registry Operator for three days to remove the content owner resource or page lock hosting provider. And if after that time prohibited the information is still available to users, the operators are day to block the page.


After removal of prohibited content from the web site it will be excluded from the registry.

By the way. Earned from Thursday’s with a single registry of web pages containing information dissemination is prohibited on the territory of Russia, has been attacked, said Roscomnadzor, which maintains the register.

"Attacks on Successfully repulse "- Office reported in Twitter.

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