Regular supply of KrAZ-7140H6 in Azerbaijan

Last week, "KrAZ" made a shipment to Azerbaijan next batch of KrAZ vehicles custom of "Azneftemash" ."Azneftemash" — one of the leaders in Azerbaijan manufacturers of various oil and gas equipment, lifting devices, special equipment and tools for the oil and gas industry, long-term partner of PJSC "KrAZ".

Shipped cars — four-axle chassis KrAZ-7140H6 wheel formula 8×6 carrying capacity of 30 tons, equipped with 400-horsepower engine JAMZ Yaroslavl-6581.10 (Euro 3)

Will be installed on the chassis of heavy lifting equipment UP-80/UP-100 "Ruslan", intended for maintenance and major repairs of oil and gas wells to 5000 m

Recall that similar cars were delivered of "Azneftemash" in April of this year.

In 2012, Azerbaijan was delivered 30 units of KrAZ vehicles of various models. Especially popular among the various engineering companies in this country are brand chassis KrAZ. Preference Kremenchug trucks, as a base to accommodate a variety of superstructures, give MASHZAVOD Azerbaijan, mainly due to the high capacity KrAZ reliability of their design, ease of maintenance and serviceability.

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