Rehabilitation center for soldiers in Afghanistan opened in Ulan-Ude (video)

It will have both medical care and psychological support. The center was established by a grant obtained by the public organization of veterans

For equipment and repairs took half a million rubles, and the building was donated to the city government has provided rental.

Rehabilitation center for veterans of the Afghanistan Geological Survey located on the street next to the People’s Court of October district. Afghans hand and congratulate we launched with the opening.

— The fact that today it is the center open for our children who participated in the Afghan war, I believe it is, in general, on the edge of time, because social rehabilitation needs, — said the Minister of Social Protection Tatiana Bykov.

Services are paid, but getting them all interested persons. For veterans of the Afghan themselves and their families half the price.

And because the clinical hospital for war veterans is only for hospital treatment, rehabilitation center will help further the rehabilitation, veterans say.

— It is also important that there will be a specialist who will provide not only medical care, but to a large extent will be provided and psychological rehabilitation, — says Afghan war veteran Anatoly Khaltaev.

Today in Buryatia there are 642 veteran Afghan. The youngest is just over 40 years old, and the oldest is almost 90. These rehabilitation centers like this one, are already in place throughout Russia, with the active support of the state.

According to Afghan Buryatia, this center is, in fact, will be the meeting of comrades, and where they can socialize and improve their health, according to broadcaster "Tivikom. "


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