Released a test batch of high-strength inks YouColors based on unique designs Irkutsk Technical University


Irkutsk innovative company "Nanotehtsentr" released the first batch high-strength inks YouColors based on nanotechnology developed by scientists Irkutsk Technical University. Irkutsk will test the utility of the new 500 kg of paint facades of buildings this year.

As the press service of the university, with reference to the commercial director of "Nanotehtsetr" Ilya Ivanov, the company opened in 2012 jointly by private investors and the Irkutsk Technical University, creates a unique nanomaterials and products for industrial and construction purposes — heavy-duty metals and alloys, building materials, asfaltobitumnye coatings, paints and enamels.

The company "Nanotehtsentr" took its first step into the market by offering mass market water-based paint — front and damp room, strength and durability of which exceeds counterparts. "Nanotehtsentr" is engaged in the creation and promotion of high-tech products. "We believe that the innovative enterprise is very important to find the application of scientific knowledge through their practical reasoning. In the study we found the ink market products, which are analogous, for example, the German manufacturer has a similar product, but the cost of the paint does not allow its wide use, "- said Ilya Ivanov.

In the manufacture of paints YouColors with the new technology has achieved great results. Nanokrasku for two months experienced in industrial production for strength, heat resistance and moisture resistance. Tests showed these characteristics increase several times. Now in Irkutsk paint is applied at several sites in the repair of facades. In the spring of employees’ Nanotehtsentra "check the condition of the coating.


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