Released information on potential combat module Epoch

A photograph from Vitaly Kuzmin, more fully revealing the shape of future combat module "Epoch", which is planned to be installed on new models of wheeled and tracked infantry fighting vehicles. 

The basic structural features of the new module are fighting block-modular design and versatility of combat use.

Weapon system is a 30-mm 2A42 AP with ammunition, 500 rounds (160 BPS / 340OFS), and range up to 4000m

and ur "Cornet" (4 pieces on two launchers), and range up to 8000m ATGM, SD "Cornet" with NDC — up to 10000m. Also provides for installation of 7.62-mm machine gun gun with 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

As you can see, arms nearly the same as "Berezhok", with one important exception — there is a grenade launcher. It is interesting to note that the gun 2A42 is equipped with some cover.

As for the thermal protection of the barrel, then there is certainly progress, which took more than 30 years! After all, the first proposals and work in this direction were made in the 70’s of last century. However, it was already clear that the occupation is, in general, necessary and proper, in relation to the 2A42, the last does not save. Dispersion of this gun, especially at a maximum distance is so great that the leveling component of the thermal bending, had virtually no effect on the result. This is due to the extremely poor design of the trunk. But nothing better since then to arm the Army we have not created. So, we note that in this case, the case only in order to follow the common Western fashion, well, or simply that it was beautiful.

FCS capabilities are impressive. However, in contrast to the "berezhka" and upgraded "Bahchi" in this module there is no opportunity panoramic view. In this case, nothing prevents to use the same operating time on SLA for further modernization "Bahchi."

Improving the security of the crew reached the removal of ammunition from the body kit combat vehicle in the module itself. In this case, we see that for the storage of BC, the module has an extensive aft, resulting in an increase in the silhouette and surface area of the module.

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