Released ins aqualung (SCUBA Extension Module)

Of CAMPO ( Issued a scuba party extension modules (SCUBA Extension Module) prednazanachenogo for divers (divers fans) on osnover making new domestic rebreather (Underwater Breathing Apparatus) IDA "Bottlenose Dolphin".

SCUBA Extension Module is set to complement the existing conventional a diver gear. SCUBA Extension Module allows you to enjoy the benefits of rebreather at little expense.

SCUBA Extension Module:

  • provides a little breathing gas flow rate regardless of the diver’s breathing rate;
  • allows you to approach the underwater inhabitants, without scaring them roar of bubbles;
  • NDL increases, decreases nitric fatigue and dehydration due to breathing warm, moist nitrox (oxygen-rich breathing mixture), not cold, dry air, as in the tank.

IDA Project "Bottlenose Dolphin" began in late 2009 when the JSC CAMPO decided to develop breathing apparatus suitable for divers, as for commercial and military divers.

In 2010 was released the first series of IDA "Bottlenose Dolphin", designed for laboratory and field tests in interagency testing.

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