Reliability of the design of the bridge is controlled by Russian space

The world’s largest cable-stayed bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait in Vladivostok has a unique automated high-precision monitoring, which allows a continuous integrated condition monitoring giant structure using global navigation satellite system — GLONASS.

— The Bridge on the Russian island is in a very tough climate zone, it’s seashore and gusty wind storm. Suspension giant requires special attention because of the unique characteristics of engineering, safety and operational reliability. When construction of the facility was designed and implemented a comprehensive automated monitoring system, consisting of more than 500 modern sensors.

It allows real-time to provide oversight of all state parameters of the bridge, as well as track and monitor the weather conditions wind loads — says the head of a separate division of JSC "USK MOST" in Vladivostok Gennady Shkuropat.

— With installed on the bridge of specialized devices that accept signals of satellite systems also is a high-precision monitoring of the spatial position of all elements of the giant structure that connects the mainland and the island of Russian.

A huge bulletin board in the Control Center monitors the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait also called video wall. On numerous screens and monitors that take up an entire wall, real-time displays all incoming data, visibility, wind speed, temperature fabrics, friction coefficient, the thickness of the water film, congestion band, the flux density and many others.

— In total, this information determines the actions clock dispatching service. In particular, based on the data set safe speed limit traffic via the bridge — says chief engineer of automated control system Artem Efremenko. — All drivers have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the necessary information to the board, which are installed at the entrance to the bridge on both sides — on the peninsula and the island of Nazimova Russian.

After entering the giant cable-stayed-up innovative monitoring system combined a variety of sensor types, including GLONASS / GPS receivers, total stations, tilt meters, seismometers, which provide precise control of the position and condition of the structural elements. The behavior of the bridge, for clarity, the light is determined by the scale. High-precision sensors are mounted on pylons, rigging, concrete and metal beams stiffness. The green light on the screen — everything is normal, yellow warns of the approach to an alarming level of the specified control range, red, respectively — itself an alarming rate. But from the moment of putting into operation of the bridge is always lit green.

— During the period of observation are repeatedly blew winds up to 21-25 m / s, or even more, this figure, after that we provide for the safety of drivers and vehicles must enter the script restriction or closing movement — says the automated control system engineer Sergey Safronov . — But even with the strong winds, the behavior of structures never approached the warning level.

Thus, for the period of operation was fully confirmed the correctness of design, technology and engineering decisions made during the design and construction of the unique Russian bridge.

— The bridge to the island of Russian operated in a normal mode to refute all the fears and fantasies that existed during the period of construction, especially at the beginning — continues Gennady Shkuropat.

— Monitoring data confirm the correctness of the calculated decisions as predicted by the efforts of the elements in the bridge construction and installation Guyed-beam system as a whole is able to withstand gale-force winds in the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

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