Remedy obsession swamp demons

Ivan S. Aksakov

Right …, perhaps better, without any particular problems, just give an immediate impression of Russian roads, Russian nature, with the eye-opening and ear yawning — look, look, see, hear. Needless to disperse the haze will disappear and the ghosts created by city life.

There, in the capital, the noise of our own voice seems to us quite often echo throughout Russia and obscures for us immense silence immeasurable Russian space; hum hum sometimes our joyful cries of the capital over the quiet sighs and complaints of the people, are sometimes groan our bitter complaints, reproaches and complaints — on top of it a fun and cheerful world … We are so active, so busy, so hurry, so fussing and vozimsya is lively and rushes at full steam — it seems that time is not enough, one after the other issues are resolved, we have the knowledge, we We power: Listen, turn your own, Russia!

However, once you go down the Volga, the Don, and let your gaze to the will — to roam the waters of this boundless plains, meadows, cornfields and steppes, and unbeknownst to you broaden the horizons of your ideas and thoughts, and will come by themselves and will fall into your soul majestic size of our spaces and, as it were, by force, against all rational arguments and preconceived ideas, often to the chagrin of your own, soothes you with its powerful nature of the Russian world, his silence … vescheyu subside pride of the capital figure ugomonyaetsya progressive agility, appeased the social and transformative itching and imbued with humility before involuntarily life, respect for the rights of its organic development.

And love Russ, you love her siruyu, gray, awkward, clumsy, ugly, and can not help asking myself — what you love her, and executable mighty faith, and which do not justify priischet mind! Wake up, stop, start to confide myself to look around closely around, to consider each phenomenon separately, glancing in the activities and managing the activities of obeying, disassemble life in its particulars and details … God! How ugly! And what kind of monotony! What poverty, what weakness, what ignorance, what a platitude — and stupidity, stupidity, what a vast pool! And at the same time through this mess emerges before your mind's eye is a beauty with nothing comparable — such majestic beauty of simplicity and humble at the same time powerful! Through this impotence affects you are such a gigantic power of the spirit, the power of this body!

This monotony of such a force of life — poverty behind this so much wealth and natural reserves in the whole of their eyelids — shines through the darkness of ignorance, sometimes a spiritual light — through the outer layers of vulgarity, stupidity and concessions — so much intelligence, so much perseverance, so much originality and spiritual freedom, so much faith, able to endure to the end, so much vital fortress capable peremoch and slay all sorts of troubles and misfortunes! And you feel that this depraved, as a general review, bribery and bribery, corruption of Russia — however dear, "Holy Russia" and that you are connected with it by some unfathomable, forgotten, but at the same time the most expensive and cherished ties of the spirit … Try to descend closer to life — so sometimes shrink your heart!

Creak, as nemazanaya cart, Russian national organism, swiveling bureaucratic agility — squeaks and pulls his ears mercilessly, but just as the creaking of the road wheels in the desert drowns Russian folk song, quiet neighborhood facilitate, steles and in breadth and in the distance, and sky high — and this is the Russian dissonance visible external reality little by little overpowering, in your hearing, the winning song of the hidden forces of the inner life of the spirit. Yes, the water plain of the Volga, is the boundless blue sea, which we so recently admired at our South, is another, as the boundless sea of green steppes, and above all this vast expanse of blue sky, everywhere open eyes of the Russian people — the monotony of species and Russian paintings of nature, the mighty power of monotony, the beauty of simplicity and grandeur of this size — when it's all accept the soul — such dwarfs yavyatsya you metropolitan figures of giants such ridiculous claims seem venture and our reformers, progressives, such offensive and their daring attacks on freedom of the national organism! ..

After all, we know very well, dear reader, that these our words will not come to taste our "pozivitistam" (a word recently put into operation is PETERBURGSKOE "Press"). After all, and in fact, it is in some ways even indecent journalist — instead of the positive arguments, based on direct experience and talk about things such as nature, but the song, but the open, but spiritual beauty! .. It's inappropriate, it's all poetry, all beliefs, all prophecy, they will say! Can such things be evidence of internal power, serve as collateral blagopreuspeyaniya, blagorazvitiya, improvement, prosperity and well-intentioned spospeshestvovat mode and purpose of enlightened adherents of the Russian welfare?

Despicable eyes looked to have some editor «Times'a», and abundant cause for mockery we serve our fellow journalism, especially the St. Petersburg … But this is the state of affairs in Russia that it is only through the power of the immediate impressions and possible support in Statement of courage: we need faith in Russia, simple, bezzateynaya love for her, and especially to the spiritual side of her sympathy to the people's life, the understanding of its spiritual and moral ideal, because without that sympathy, without this spiritual understanding, it is impossible not to love this way or understand Russian, or to establish a harmony with the people's needs and for the good of the people — their vysokoumnuyu, enlightened activity — either to keep their forces from the strain, nor stand in the difficult feat of service … But where did this but a number of contradictions?

Readers will be mistaken if we think that we came back from our trip optimistic and intend Having reported to them that "all is well"! We could Having reported to them quite the opposite and to the extent otherwise, it would be because of what come to discouragement or even despair, if next to a completely collapsed faith in our progress, strength and creativity of our metropolitan civilization, did not offer us the riddle Russian life itself — suggesting such a powerful faith, and such power of love! And faith and love as long as, apparently unjustified, but because only unjustified and that we have not found a word of this puzzle. In one hour — traveling in Russia, as we have already said — you are going through a thousand conflicting impressions, blatantly contradictory: Tactile impotence and certainly believe in the presence of force, would hate and love passionately; marvel at ugliness, but at heart is composed image of majestic beauty , piecemeal idea is to find the reasons for this outrage and do not find an explanation, believe in the future of Russia and did not believe in their activities.

Ivan S. Aksakov 1865

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