Remote robot shooter revealed at the exhibition RAE-2013

Universal armored VBL, armored nicknamed "Frog" robot "Shooter" and a machine for special forces "Tiger-M" -233115 SPN shown at the exhibition RAE-2013 in Nizhny Tagil.

The new modification of known armored vehicle "Tiger" has become one of the premier exhibition in Nizhny Tagil arms. The machine has a complicated name "Tiger-M" -233115 SPN. She, like many of the earlier models of the series, is designed for special forces. Inside the armored car, a new special communication system on the roof of the turret is turning to install weapons and system for generating a smoke screen, positioned on the sides of combat pack.

Another premiere of the show was the military robot "Shooter." In fact, this machine gun mounted on a miniature crawler. You can operate at distances up to 20 km, three cameras provide the operator’s view.

"This machine can crawl up the stairs, pass in doorways, she is quite petite and can be used for counter-terrorism activities," — said the director of the developer "Special construction equipment" Dmitry Malinin.

NEW RAE-2013 — light armored vehicle ASTAIS-VBL. At the exhibition it was called "armored frog." The machine, designed for three people and equipped weapon station on the roof, can cross water obstacles.

This is the technique of French production, but its going to be made in Russia. Interest in the armored car guards and show the internal forces.

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