Remote sensing satellite Canopus-B adopted in

nominal operation

Russian satellite remote sensing of the Earth "Canopus-V" officially accepted into regular operations, it is defined by the operator Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring of JSC "Russian Space Systems."

"Currently, the spacecraft successfully flight tested and space complex" Canopus-B "spacecraft" Canopus-B "N 1 passed in regular operation," — reported in the Russian Space Agency.

Note "Canopus-V" was launched July 22, 2012 from Baikonur. It was created at the company VNIIEM and is designed to provide the Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Environment and Hydromet operational meteorological information, as well as for disaster monitoring, mapping, search of fires and other tasks. Its weight is about 400 pounds, he has on-board optical equipment able to distinguish ground objects larger than 2.1 meters.

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