Remote sensor of alcohol vapors Bud will calculate drunk drivers at speeds up to 150 km / h


Interior Ministry plans to the end of the year to adopt a remote sensor detect alcohol vapors in a moving car.

Experts have questioned the effectiveness of such a device.

Until the end of the year on the roads of the capital will be installed sensors that can remotely detect the presence of ethyl alcohol in the cabin of a moving car. On Monday, Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov said alkolazer "Bud" passed all the necessary tests and is ready to test mode to help traffic police to identify potential violators of the law.

According to Gerasimov, later adopted the Interior Ministry will be accepted only those samples of devices in which the agency will be 100% sure. Moreover, the device will be installed in the most challenging routes. "It’s an expensive device, and in large numbers it is unlikely it will be possible to use" — Gerasimov said, adding that after the completion of all tests with the Inspectorate and identify potentially dangerous roads, where it is planned to install these sensors.

Deputy Interior Minister assured that this device really be of great help in detecting drunk drivers. "It will send a signal to the control of traffic police, who are able to pay more attention to the vehicle," — he said.

Cost alkolazerov "Bud"

It should be noted that the development of laser Breathalyzer began long ago — back in 2007. Then the developers have assumed that he would act on arms traffic police in 2009, but the economic crisis, as well as some technical difficulties have made adjustments to these plans, and the development of these devices has been pushed to a later date.

In the future, the development of "Bud", the state has allocated 24.6 million rubles. As follows from the information posted on the official website of the government orders, the contract for development activities was concluded in early 2010, with St. Petersburg NPP "Laser systems". The company was the only one to apply for the competition.

It is interesting that now in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) appear several companies with similar names and registered at different times.

The website "Laser systems" says alkolazer is a unique system that allows remotely determine the ethanol vapor in transport, to move at speeds up to 150 km / h. It is also noted that the system works in all weather conditions and requires no maintenance.

How is the alkolazerom?

Inspection of vehicles is carried out without interruption of traffic flow and personal inspection of each driver. In this procedure is not selective, but for all road users. In the case of ethanol vapor detection signal is sent over a wireless Wi-Fi network traffic police, and the result is immediately shown on the display while simultaneously taking a picture of the vehicle.

The representative of the company "Laser systems" Natalia Alexandrova told, that the devices will be available in two versions — mobile and stationary.

Where devices are installed?

Tests will be carried out on stationary devices. "They will be installed in Moscow at police posts. Test operation will last about a year, "- said Alexandrov. According to her, the two are ready to use the device, which is unique in the world. The approximate cost of the device companion found it difficult to name, saying only that the price will depend on the amount of the order.

According to media reports, the mobile version alkolazera costs around 10,000 dollars. For comparison, the currently used laser speed measuring devices cost about 7000 dollars.

The quality of the alkolazerov

However, many people have doubts about the quality of the new instrument. Tatiana Kipper, advertising director of the St. Petersburg company "Alkotektor" engaged in contact breathalyzers, notes that in the exhaled air from the lungs of alcohol in 2000 times lower than in blood.

"Compare the volume of air in the lungs and in the car. Even though the driver and is in a state of intoxication, which should be the threshold sensitivity of the device to determine this? Company-developer of the data does not provide. We tried to ask them, but to no avail, "- said Kipper

It also draws attention to the fact that in the car, except for the driver, passengers may be. "Besides, who said that the driver of the car should have one? Is a law-abiding citizen, he realized that he was drunk, is a taxi driver. Taxi driver puts it in his car and drives home. At this time, the laser breathalyser in the stream pulls their car. And what follows, what further actions will be? Indeed, in this case, all under the law. Now that generally prohibit located inside the influence of alcohol? I understand when using remote sensing methods, such as speeding, but here — it’s overkill, "- said Kipper.

The interviewee said that overseas theme remote alcotester really discussed. "But there is still just trying to figure out what is behind the talk about laser breathalyzers in Russia. We should also take into account the fact that overseas slightly different views about the balance of the rights of the driver of the vehicle and comply with the law. Not just decided to snatch the car from the stream and say that it seemed to us that you have alcohol, "- said Kipper.

The head of the Federation of Russian Car Owners (FAR) Sergei Kanaev agree that in the case of alkolazerami first have to determine which is the criterion for the effectiveness of this device. "If we talk about the fact that the device correctly, with a guarantee of 100% calculates the cars in which some of the passengers or the driver is under the influence of alcohol, that is one thing. Perhaps, indeed alkolazer for this purpose will be a very effective tool. But when we talk about the fact that these cars will stop the traffic police, who can not like this device, impartially apply to drivers, there emerges the issue of corruption. Reasons for it will be a lot, "- said the head of FIA.

According Kanaeva, the organization intends to apply to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev with a proposal to conduct a joint study of the work of these devices. "Then it will be possible to summarize, analyze, respond to device performance criteria or not", — said the leader of the FAR, noting that the treatment is done.

Cheating alkolazera "Bud"

Drivers and experts worry one more question: will alkolazer "calculate" the alcohol in the windshield fluid, which is used by all motorists. Alexandrov assured, that this problem does not arise, since such liquids have a different chemical composition than the air exhaled by the person consumes alcohol.

In general, experts agree that at the time of the data on the device is too small to draw conclusions about its usefulness. Moreover, there are suggestions that the veil of mystery that shrouds this project — a ruse designed to prevent driving under the influence.

How can you cheat "Bud": You can open the windows in the car, and then the device does not reco
gnize that you are drinking.

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