Remotorization helicopters Motor Sich

Ukrainian JSC "Motor Sich" actively engaged works by helicopter topics. The enterprise has created a design bureau and helicopter production, which lead the development, construction, modernization, repair and remotorization helicopters.


2. In 2011 the company received a certificate issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, according to which JSC "Motor Sich" is recognized as the developer of aviation technology.

3. In order to further improve the performance of the helicopter, especially when operating in high-altitude areas in countries with a hot climate, at the JSC "Motor Sich" created by TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, which also has significantly increased resources.

4. The works on certification of modifications to the engine, designated TV3-117VMA SBM1V-4 (air start) and 4E (electric start) series. They are designed to remotorization in use Mi-8T, where the new engine will replace the prodution TV2-117, which will improve aircraft performance and operational characteristics of these machines.

5. The result has been created 8MSB helicopter, equipped with TV3-Ukrainian 117VMASBM1V 4E. The first flight of the upgraded helicopter took place November 10, 2010 at the airport JSC "Motor Sich".

7. To date, repaired and remotorization five helicopters. The first — bearing the number 2911 is on trial in Feodosia. The next three cars made in the series, are on the "Motor Sich". The fifth board — supervised by the airline in operation.

8. The next five cars are in varying degrees remotorization. It is held on the first aircraft repair plant. It runs overhaul of helicopters to recover their full airworthiness. After that, the "Motor Sich" are replacing old engines with a new modification.

10. To install the TV3-117VMA SBM1V-4E series on the Mi-8T performed Revised: the fuselage with the installation polushpangouta 2A, hoods, engine inlet and fan. The principle of using systems of the engine remains the same, but you are replacing all the pipes in the engine compartment electroplaits.

12. When performing repairs on demand, the installation of additional equipment.

13. Except for units purchased all the details when working on "Motor Sich" are made now. A number of systems and components are purchased from the aircraft manufacturing plants in Russia.

14. Helicopters have served for 35 years in the Air Force of Ukraine were written off, and now with the help of "Motor Sich" will gain a new life.

15. Sell Mi-8 helicopter after repair and remotorization costs about $ 5 million.

17. While waiting in line for a new life.

18. As the representative of the plant needs to remotorization Mi-24 so far, the process is in a very distant future.

In 2011, with the support of the "Motor Sich" resumed production activities Vinnitsa aircraft factory in the repair of helicopters Mi-2.

23. To date, except for the repair work, this plant is actively carried out preparatory work for the development of the modernization of the fleet of obsolete Mi-2 Mi-profile 2MSB and SME-2.

25. Price of new remotorizirovannogo Mi-2 will be about $ 1 million.

28. That’s the beauty.

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