Remstroybyuro celebrates eighth birthday.

In 2013, marks the eight years since the founding of the company "Remstroybyuro", one of the key players in the supply of materials for construction and repair.

At the meeting held in honor of the event, in particular, highlighted the key results of the company in the construction market of Moscow and Moscow region. At this point, "Remstroybyuro" — one of the largest companies in the region, is professionally engaged in supplying a wide range of quality and reliable construction materials.

The company’s catalog are lumber, blocks, waterproofing, skirting, profile, a wide range of dry mixes and other Materials Moscow.
The company is an authorized dealer of well-known manufacturers of construction products the basis of, Perfekta and Weisbau, which once again confirms the high quality and consumer characteristics of all the products and is a best price guarantee.

"Remstroybyuro" was founded in 2005 and today it continues to evolve and improve. Important in this process is the desire to present the company‘s management as a complete line of products, in addition, a lot of work underway to improve the service, such as service delivery the goods purchased. As of early 2013, the company’s fleet of equipment can fully meet the needs of customers for transportation of any building materials to anywhere in Moscow and the region.

"Remstroybyuro" values of each of its customers and is committed to developing long-term partnerships. Professional employees and managers "Remstroybyuro" always help customers with the best selection, advise on product availability, pricing and other issues. With the feedback from customers is always available on a special page on the site

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