RENAULT DUSTER — made in Pechatniki — Car for Russia

Renault in Russia from March 2012 to buy a new SUV released Renault Duster, which aims to reverse the segment available all-wheel drive vehiclesSerial Production of the new car began at the Russian plant  "Autoframos"located in the area Printers, in December 2011.

Renault Duster — is an SUV for all, which combine high throughput, large interior space, spectacular design and comfort.

The Russian car market is available in versions 4×4 and 4×2, with petrol or Diesel engine and automatic or manual transmission optional buyer. The cost of Renault Duster in Russia range from 449 000 rubles. for the base version vehicle.

Has gained popularity in Europe, the Russian market for Renault Duster SUV produced at the Moscow plant Renault. To the production line at Renault in Russia gone five new models, including and Duster, Renault investment in production amount in 2011 and 2012. more than 100 million euros.

The plant has undergone a number of changes to the start of production of new models. Thus, in the welding workshop were equipped with additional production sites and equipment has been installed Technology AIMS (Alliance Industrial Manufacturing System — a system of industrial production Alliance), allowing to pass the same line of several types of bodies. The shop staining were practiced and put new processes associated with on- line of Renault Duster.

Reorganization also referred to in many industrial assembly processes, particularly internal logistics that allowed to unify, simplify and shorten the production time one car, while maintaining the high quality standards of the Alliance.

Local production is an important part of the development of the industrial project Renault in Russia, whose purpose — to make the company one of the leaders of the Russian automotive industry. Like other models of Renault, produced in Russia, Renault Duster is a high percentage of localization. To date, this index is 50%, and by the end of 2013 it should reach 74%.

At present, the factory Renault in Russia at the same time made 5 models: Logan, Sandero, Fluence, Megan hatchback and Duster. Putting into production of new models occurred in parallel with the output at full capacity and training. In October 2011, together with the start of production of the first car Duster, plant reached declared production capacity of 160,000 vehicles per year. This was achieved through early — in November 2010 — entering the third production shift and coherent the work of the whole team. To date, only a Russian company employs more than 4700 employees, 1000 of whom were hired in 2011.

Taking care of your customers, Renault is fully adapted to the Russian car climatic and road conditions, increasing the area of cleaning the windshield, setting Special modes of heating the cabin, as well as adapting all the technical and fluid devices affecting vehicle performance at low temperatures.

Duster received a larger capacity battery, 5 liter tank for liquid washer, generator high power settings and changed the injection system.

Specially developed for the Russian subsidiary protection crankcase engine toplivoprovodyaschih ways with steel plates.

"Russian" SUV Renault received a redesigned front grille. In Duster exterior is completely redesigned instrument panel, installed a new radio Format 2 din, added chrome elements, new upholstery and leather interior. On Russian customers’ request are available for the two-liter engine and automatic transmission.

Duster — Is an SUV that is available to all which combine high throughput, reliability,large interior space and expressive design. This car is on the right pretending to be a leader in its category, is designed to revolutionize the segment four-wheel drive off-road vehicles because of the relationship of rich and affordable prices equipment.

In the Russian market Renault Duster represented four trim, each of which has a high level of equipment and a set of additional options.


Photos taken from the official website of the manufacturerRenault

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