Renault took the chassis AvtoVAZ

All cars manufactured in Russia Renault Logan, Sandero and Duster completed chassis, produced by AvtoVAZ.

"Avtoframos" in 2013 buysAvtoVAZapproximately 150,000 chassis (front and rear beam axle, steering knuckles, stretchers, etc.), told "Vedomosti" representative Renault. They are equipped with all the cars manufactured by the Moscow plant on the platform B0 (Logan) — Logan, Sandero and Duster, he explained. These models accounted for 95% of production "Avtoframos" — in 2012 it grew by 19% to 167,406 vehicles (only available in six models, including the Fluence, Latitude and Koleos).

Originally "Avtoframos" chassis imported from Romania, the supply of Togliatti began in the summer of 2012, the plant in the past bought about 50,000 units. The production cost of the chassis in Russia and Romania is comparable, but three times reduced delivery time — from 5 to 1.5 days, then explained the CEO of Renault in Russia Bruno Ancel. Import volumes were gradually reduced and now "Avtoframos" for vehicles with B0 platform uses only the chassis of Togliatti, said a representative of Renault.

In fiscal cost car segment (up to 600,000 rubles.) To the motor box for about 50% of the costs to the chassis — about one-third, evaluates the director of the portal Oleg Datskiv. Amount of the contract for the supply of 150,000 chassis can be up to 15 billion rubles., He thinks (in the Renault and on the "AvtoVAZ" did not disclose the amount.) So for AvtoVAZ is a big deal. After all, in 2011 his earnings under IFRS amounted to 175.1 billion rubles., Net profit — 6.7 billion rubles.

The possibility of the landing gear for the "Avtoframos" was originally assumed in the implementation of the construction project at AvtoVAZ line B0. Its capacity — about 350,000 cars a year, in spring 2012 there started the production of Lada Largus (for the year was released less than 20,000 Largus), in December — Nissan Almera (capacity for the production of this model — up to 70,000 pieces. Annually), and in the second half of 2013 will be added to the model Renault. All on the line in Togliatti B0 will be produced five models of Lada, Renault, Nissan.

Will the chassis supplied by "IzhAvto", included in the group of AvtoVAZ, is not yet known. Cars alliance is scheduled to release in 2014, but what — was not disclosed. So far there is only made Lada Granta.

In parallel, the modernization of the Izhevsk plant: in 2013-2015. investments amount to about 10 billion rubles., 5.4 billion rubles. of them will be disbursed this year, says the director of external relations AvtoVAZ Igor Burenkov.

In addition to the chassis AvtoVAZ will supply two new alliance for the 1.6-liter gasoline engine, their licensed production will begin in 2015.

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