Renewal of road engineering in Cheboksary and Kostroma

In Cheboksary on Red Square has passed demonstration of the new road machinery. Over the past few years is the biggest update the machine park of the municipal road maintenance companies "Doreks." The technique has been purchased with the support of the city under the lease agreement.

This year purchased 19 units of road maintenance vehicles (2011 — six units of special equipment, just for the enterprise — 97 units of specialized equipment). The total cost — 30.5 million rubles, a down payment of 20% — 6.1 million rubles, the monthly payment — 844.5 thousand rubles. Under the agreement, the lease payments will continue until at least 2017.

Through the use of new technology the company plans to significantly reduce the cost of repairs, purchase of spare parts (wear available in the enterprise technology previously 80%). New mashinopark will also reduce the amount attracted by the technology and the cost of fuel and lubricants.
City officials noted that the requirements for cleaning the city tightened, and today is attached "maximum effort to the citizens did not feel discomfort of winter." At the company say that the "new road equipment will allow us to provide cleaning for four hours," and presented at the parade special vehicles from the early days involved in cleaning the most critical sections of the city roads. "

In Kostroma came a new snow removal equipment 
facilities Kostroma today received a new snowplows. These are three special vehicles based on car "KAMAZ". They are equipped with blades for snow removal and installation for spreading sand and salt mixture.

Machines have come under its own power from the Kurgan region, where they are collected. Overcoming nearly three thousand kilometers. Special equipment immediately surrounded the workers of the plant who are to work on it, and made no secret of joy. Last update of the park there was three years ago. New equipment is purchased at the expense of the city budget. Each such "KamAZ" cost of 3.5 million. In addition, until the end of December to the fire will come 4 more combined road machines and 5 tractors T-150 for a total of 30 million rubles. But the brand-new "KamAZ" right now will go into battle with the elements. They are waiting for the night shift in the snowy streets of the city. 

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