Renewal of robots made in TVET

The shop manufacturing bodies LADA Priora continues gradual replacement of robotic manipulators, of which there are more than a hundred.

Replace the old equipment is installed, manufacturing in the production process equipment and tooling. Due to the precise positioning of robots OL capacity of 125, 150, 200, 350 kg. with the control system of the company «Kuka» provide high quality welds, are reliable and highly productive. And their technical ability to rapidly make adjustments for changes in performance in accordance with the program of workshops for the production of products.

Modernization of this being the end of last year, without stopping the current production. TVET experts have extensive experience in the field of robotics, so the task associated with the delivery of the produced equipment for the renewal of the fleet of robots for welding lines LADA Priora, will definitely be completed on time.


In the album you can see lots of pictures of products PTOO "AvtoVAZ".

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