Renova and the Swiss Sulzer will open a plant in Russia

Swiss Sulzer and Russian "Renova" opened a joint production in Russia. This time it will be to modernize the production of heavy pumps. Start-up businesses will increase the efficiency of power by 10-12%.
The company on modernization of industrial pumping systems technology Sulzer appears in the Technology Center of Global Ege (engaged in supplying equipment for woodworking). As told RBC daily, director of development of high-tech assets "Renova" Michael Lifshets, production in Khimki will open at the end of the first quarter of 2011. Start-up businesses will increase their efficiency by 10-12%. Start-up businesses in Khimki will reduce wear and tear and energy consumption of the pumps.
At the end of last year, "Renova" and Sulzer (structures Viktor Vekselberg owns a 30% stake in the Swiss company) opened in the Moscow region (Serpukhov) production of oil and gas equipment full cycle. President and CEO Ton Büchner Sulzer AG said then that the company is working hard to meet the needs that exist in Russia in high technology. Now, companies are opening in Khimki on modernization of industrial production pumping systems technology Sulzer.
The Swiss have had the experience of working with Russian energy companies. A few years ago, Sulzer upgraded pumping system "Mosenergo". However, the work was carried out at the site of the company in Germany. To reduce the cost of transportation of energy equipment and the final price of products, Sulzer, taking partners "Renova", decided to organize a similar production in Russia. Intends to "Mosenergo" continue to cooperate with the "Renova" and Sulzer, unable to learn.
"Up to 30% of the energy in Russia is spent on the work of pumping equipment. Driving fuel pipes, water and heating, work turbines in power plants — all this consumes a lot of energy. If you increase the efficiency of the pumps on one power capacity of 250 MW by 10-12%, this will help to save up to 2 MW of electricity, but if upgrade equipment company "Transneft", then we can not build additional power capacity of 300 MW, "- said Mr. Mr. Lifshets. In the "Renova" say that already in talks with Russian energy companies, and among the potential buyers called TGC-1 "IES".
Vasily Kanuzin of the Criminal Code "Alemar" predicts that the demand for the services of "Renova" and Sulzer will be high for several years. "Now to energy companies acute problem of modernization, — said the expert. — In addition, in the run up to 2014 will be administered 5-7 GW of new capacity a year to 800 billion rubles. ".

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