Renovated apartment in a new building.

           Renovated apartment in a new building.

What is different from a home repair maintenance in other apartments? First of all, the fact that there is new apartments. If you do not plan,repairthe redesign, you will not have to pay for the dismantling, removal of old wallpaper and tiles, removing weak or contaminated plaster mold, removal of mezzanines. Removal of debris and garbage — and cost less.
Houses in new areas tend to build more advanced firms, widely applying innovation with new projects and technology! This reduces the costs and the cost, and hence the price of housing. As well, new homes, more beautiful and functional. The neighborhood livability.
In the new neighborhoods, thought through all the infrastructure and transport links. Often organized underground parking under the houses or garage complexes near residential community.

Advanced technologies make it possible to straighter walls, ceiling panels without joints and plaster in the bathrooms which is applicable under the tile. This significantly reduces the cost offinishing flat,

Also, the apartments built on new projects, more comfortable and spacious, allowing you to use modern design project and new methods of decorating living spaces.

Another advantage of the new areas, the absence of the old problems, such as, a bad view from the windows of the old buildings, barns and garages, the lack of parking spaces and difficult access. Nor are popular for a long time, drinking places and public festivals. Smaller and unauthorized, public toilets, since fewer bystanders. And in general — will not local!

Residents of buildings, usually wealthy people, and thus culture — above, there is socially weak elements, often terrorizing the residents of the old city. A lot of visitors, eliminates the division on ethnic, religious and other grounds. Is not the concept of "us". At school, your child is unlikely to be discriminated against, frostbitten Aborigines hereditary alcoholics.
In the high-rises is security, control of the guests. In the doorways will not concourse. Homes built on new projects, and provide public spaces that are not occupied by shops, hair salons and wineglass.

The presence of the freight elevator — a major factor, allowing a noticeable reductioncost of repair of apartment. Plastic windows are usually installed developer, and therefore cheaper, and the purchase and installation can be deducted from the estimates for the repair of an apartment.

For frequent,master finishersand team finishers, given the time savings for Moving the furniture, the possibility of storage of materials in a secure public corridor, make a deduction from the estimate for the repair of apartment flats (a discount).

Other advantages of the new buildings, I described (accent on the last syllable — just kidding) in the article:"Pravgrad Kaluga"
In future articles, I will provide an overview of new buildings Kaluga, comparative options and features of the repair and decoration of apartments in each neighborhood.
Good luck to you repair and happy life, in a new apartment and a new, comfortable and prestigious!

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