Renovated S-300 entered in the part of anti-aircraft missile troops

In the division of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Command "South" Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine joined anti-aircraft missile system S-300, refurbished at one of SOE "Ukroboronservis," said TSAMTO.

On the eve of transfer of technology were completed its testing and signed the relevant documents. The composition of the selection committee, headed by the chief engineer of the air defense forces of the Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Vasily Mihidenko, included not only specialists of this type of troops and military parts, which will be held on combat duty in the defense of Ukraine on this complex.

As the head of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Force Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major General Dmitry Karpenko, "the quality of repairs complex will antiaircraft missile units at an appropriate level to perform all the tasks."

"This year is the second set of this type, which went into force after the repair. The first, which we received in September, already on combat duty. The quality of repair work we are quite satisfied, "- D. Karpenka said.

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