REP Holding completed an order Azovsteel

"REP Holding" has carried out the design and manufacture of turbo unit TKA-5200/25 consisting of K-25 turbine and compressor K-550-41-1M.

Customer equipment was Ukrainian JSC "MC" Iron & Steel Works. "This unit is designed to compress the air and feed it into the blast furnace and will be operated in a blast furnace sinter production complex metallurgical plant" Iron & Steel Works. "Order for production and delivery of the unit was received in November 2011 year. production of this unit to the experts of "Nevsky Zavod" (production site "REP Holding") started in March 2012, and in less than a year, all work has been completed. casting some parts of the turbine K-25 has been carried out on its own steel production "REP Holding". were made in particular parosoplovaya box, bearing housings and other castings. compressor housing K-550-41-1M was also manufactured at the production site "Nevsky Zavod." April 17, 2013 in the "Nevsky Zavod" successfully completed Acceptance (mechanical) testing steam turbine K-25, carried out by the technique developed "by the Institute of Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering" (JSC "IEMET" subsidiary "REP Holding"). During the tests were shown good results in all parameters specified . the customer signed a protocol of acceptance, and in May 2013 TCA will be shipped to the site. Experts "REP Holding" will manage and control complex phase of erection and commissioning, and training of technical staff will conduct metallurgical combine "Iron & Steel Works . "

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