Repair and assembly plant KAMAZ — Remdizel

Plant for the repair of engines KAMAZ was established in 1978 as part of association KAMAZ. In parallel with the construction of the main building of the station and engine testing (LED), in October 1980, was renovated by the first engine manufacturing facility, located temporarily in the automobile body acceptance.

Today, "Remdizel" — the largest specialized factory in the former Soviet Union, which has a high technological potential. His mobile team can truly solve global problems, and proved that in 1993 when, after a fire in the engine plant, just 2 weeks to "Remdizel" mastered the production of engines for delivery to the main assembly line. Over the next forty-four months of the heroic efforts of a small group "Remdizel" put on the main conveyor 72,000 of powertrains, playing a huge role in the activity of "KAMAZ".  

The plant has three main functions: KAMAZ-Refit, not just repairs, and piles of old scrap make a candy .. — Collect armored Lynx — Created a self-contained mobile repair teams that can be deployed anywhere in the country, at any auto company or a military unit and to conduct on-site maintenance and repair of KAMAZ vehicles. The largest contract in Remdizel with the Defense Ministry, the plant come trucks release 80’s, parts of the army, where they were mothballed or used for other purposes. They come in the form of avtohlama, often under their own power, sometimes come only nodes — cab, power units or platforms because the truck is completely beyond repair. This "Viewtiful" almost my age, born in 1982

But in this form, KAMAZ trucks coming from the troops

And here’s how they are leaving the troops under their own power from the plant after a major overhaul after 1 week:

Percentage of new spare parts Refurbished on each machine is between 50 and 75%, depending on the degree of "killed" ..

and 5-7 days for a taste ..

Yet here was collected armored LYNX. Vehicle comes in the form of aggregates containers Italy. In the near future the degree of localization in the assembly of armored cars Iveco-KAMAZ "Lynx" will be significantly enhanced.

Soon tell you about mobile repair teams KAMAZ and their equipment:

Thank you for an interesting excursion General Manager of JSC "Remdizel" Khafizova Faiz Shakirovich. (Center)

About the test-drive an armored car LYNX see here: 

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