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Company BLOCKONT, engaged in repair and furnish apartments, private homes, villas and commercial premises and announces that from March 2013, it provides a range of services on the repair of various facilities, from design and development of an individual design — project to the repair and construction works. 
BLOCKONT company founded in 2004. At first it was a creative workshop Vladimir Romanov, who worked to create interior design project, and then created a company that implemented the creative vision of artists performing high-quality repair facilities. Today it employs professionals with extensive experience, just keep those construction technology and create an interior of premium. In their work they used advanced technology, use only high-quality building materials.
In the repair of private homes and cottages specialists are carefully evaluating the accuracy and reliability of communications laid, the properties and the quality of materials used in the construction of the house in order to take into account the possibility of deformation of materials by changing seasons. Home Improvement made on an individual design project, and the usual apartment converted into a room with a unique interior.
All work produced by the company, are strictly regulated, are made within the time stipulated in advance with the customer.
Particular attention is given to the interior design of stores, offices, restaurants and other commercial premises. Such repairs are done quickly and efficiently with the use of inexpensive materials.
Any repairs regardless of the level of complexity is carried out on time, take into account all the wishes of the client. The services of the company are the ones who truly appreciate the beauty and comfort and will not accept any cookie cutter solutions.
"Our company was established in order to implement all the ideas of artists-designers to bring to the renovated premises warmth and comfort, make your home a place of rest from daily cares. For this, we recommend that our future customers to take full advantage of the full range of services provided by our company since March 2013, "says General Director Vladimir Romanov.
Information about the company
The company has successfully developed BLOCKONT Interior Design Moscow and embodies the design ideas of leading artists, engaged in repair of apartments, private houses and commercial premises with the use of advanced technology and using modern quality building materials. More about the company can be found at

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