Repair of roads in the Saratov region

This year, for road construction Saratov region allocated 1 billion 807 million rubles, or 229% compared to 2011. Of these, the overhaul of the federal network to a 995.8 million, and in September, is commissioned 21.13 km of roads, which is 366% compared to last year.

Repair stands 236.7 million with the commissioning of 103.15 km of roads, more than 4 times higher than last year. In 2013, work on the road is planned to master mlrd.500 more than 2 million rubles.

August 15 in Volsky’s the grand opening of renovated 1-up complex of the road Sizran-Saratov-Volgograd around g.Volsk. In September, over the distance of 15.3 km. will be delivered in full.

In Saratov is a repair of the central city‘s main thoroughfare — the streets of Moscow.

Completion of the entire street repairs. Moscow is scheduled for October 2012. Well before the onset of winter in the city of Saratov will be repaired for about 50 other road projects.


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