Repair Plant missiles and artillery BSF increased

the volume of orders executed

The Navy enterprise engaged in repair of missiles and artillery, has increased the volume of executed orders, which is directly related to the increased intensity of their use during long hikes and exercises ship and shore connections of the fleet. Last year, the factory team completed the whole volume of orders from the parts to repair equipment. Fault detection was carried out missile and artillery with the performance of subsequent repairs on two dozen warships, including the flagship of the Navy guided-missile cruiser "Moskva".
 Specialists of the company went on a business trip in the part of the Novorossiysk naval base. Approximately 15 units of ground equipment, more than 200 sets of optical devices, more than 30 boot device repaired directly to the location of the coastal parts of the Black Sea Fleet.
In total for the year by the specialists of the plant restored the technical readiness of more than 100 pieces of equipment, including more than 40 artillery systems, missile systems and 50 different classes.
Apart from the main directions of the plant laboratory for several years, will either repair, inspection and charging of fire extinguishers and high pressure air cylinders. Last year the number of trained for this product range has exceeded 1.5 million units.
On the eve of Victory Day and the 230th anniversary of the founding of the Black Sea Fleet in the company started servicing and preparation for shooting fireworks complexes. Last year, the factory workers served 15 such installations.
The plan of the plant for the current year, which is for the anniversary of the personnel — May 18 the company will celebrate 140 years, we are predicting that the figures of the previous year will be significantly improved.

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