Repeating the mistakes of history, or a new way to civilian war

In civilian war every victory is a defeat.

On the streets of many Russian cities posters began to appear, the picture which tells us that in our country almost formed two opposing friend other society. First, as a report to the posters, gray and impersonal, eager majestic shocks, and the second — a large open and light, favoring a welfare stateliness of. In this case, the photographers provide members of these public units fists that all the rules of psychology and gives promise of those, and others to some confrontation, may be aggravated consequences.

Looking at these posters, unwittingly come to the conclusion that someone who unwittingly or not, of course tries to show that the country has at the moment there is a place on the division of the "right" and "wrong", "Kibalchish" and "bad guys", " black "and" white. " And this is happening in a country that has repeatedly drowned in blood feuds civilians. This happens in a country where the representatives of the vast number of nationalities and ethnic groups. This happens in a country where only one religious controversy could undermine the public as never before.

Yes, to refute that now there are contradictions between those who support the power and pro-opposition forces can not. It is one thing to build the presence of these contradictions and according to finding a way out of the social crisis that engulfed the country. And it is quite another thing — to cultivate disunity, to flaunt the presence of typical "dark" and "light" armies, sponsor civilian unrest.

Our homeland is held on the steps of dividing the Orthodox and Old Believers, pure white and the Reds, right and left, Stalinists and Trotskyists. There were calls from the mottos. Were every time its heroes and anti-heroes, were "whoever is not with us is against us!" And every such a historic step necessarily poured into clashes between members of the 1st great people. Next — the chaos, blood, uncertainty, "Middle Ages."

People who believe that they are on their own behalf and on their own thoughts trying to defend that unique position that prevailed in their heads, went to the same people as they are, but with the eyes of others. In these cases, always working principle of divide et impera — Delhi and dominion; which was coined for a long time before the era of modern "orange" springs. Quite normal to use psychic course, when your fellow countrymen, employees, neighbors are shown in a bad light: trying to encroach on your personal values, as inside you, in fact, regardless of your will, discontent will grow at first, and later the blind hatred. And to those who sowed the seed is rotten, we can only wait for the efforts of the crowd will be grown dark ear troubles. At this point, many come and understand that their activity and determination someone just rude to use your own personal use.

Let us look at our recent history, which is written almost in our eyes. Some forces are trying to sow discord scale, and many of our citizens as a seething maelstrom of antisocial fall into this abyss. "Bow" defy "Swamp", "Swamp" shows his teeth at the "Luzhniki".

The division is, after all, and someone has already set his sights to deliver a decisive blow to move from the first part of the idiom to the second — "rule." We perceive what is happening in the country as a dissonance, trying to friend other mouths shut, clenches his fist in the side of those who believe social heretics, but for directors of these events, we — you need the extras that distracts the viewer from the basic facts and events.

Someone makes a nationwide field of public negativity, just trying to play off of representatives of different public groups. This is done by traditional methods, which can be read in any historical publication tells about the preparations for the civilian strife.

It turns out that we can now any trying to strengthen our borders and read that the army is stronger than ever, but for all that we are far from being able to listen and hear friend other. Social deafness is born not just a misunderstanding friend other, and even unwillingness to recognize someone, except themselves.

In such a situation truly iconic load falls on the shoulders of those who now claim to be the highest municipal office in Russia. You can pour tons of mud friend on the other, you can read about the irresponsibility of political opponents, you can develop a theme about the "who, if I do not" or "it will be worse," but now the most important thing for each of the five candidates — aiming to unite Russian society. By focusing only on the one social class, or only one, even if, well, very strong, a social group, do not expect that the situation will stabilize itself. The posters in question first topic, they say that even after it comes the very "rule", there is no guarantee that there is still no calls to "divide."

The disease of modern disconnection must cure, but not too far to cure the "shock" therapy. Constructive "surgery" when he cut off a public institution, which lives and says no because all the others — a new way to mutual anger and truest civilian war. You can imagine for yourself how to be happy with Russian spiteful critics at a time when we'll start with a triple activity of digging a huge pit with slippery vertical edges. It is, apparently, is the goal for those who lead Russia to "orange", "white", "red", "purple" or "brown" insurgency.

Because as long as the artificial division of the public will be on the Russian ear the ground, read about the people's welfare — is silly. No government in the world has managed to survive for long in a situation of forced separation of society. And the situation in the country after the March 4 show, grown our society and our government is of little panties, or all of us will again have to repeat the mistakes of history, getting fat "unsatisfactory" …

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