Replace the human race of telepaths and psychics?




Scientists believe that in our genes and brain lurking superpowers

The real sensation of 2000 was the announcement of the International Human Genome Consortium on "deciphering" of the human genome. After a year of "book of life", as it is called gene were modestly called a hastily written "rough draft." It turned out that the scientists were able to copy only the mysterious "letters". Read all failed. Therefore, the true reading of the "book of life" — is still the most vital problem.


— Decoding 33 thousand genes are made at the level of "letters" of the primary building blocks that make up the structure of DNA — explains Academician, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Engelhardt Sciences Lev Kiselyov. — Now they need to get out of the "word", and from these words — meaningful phrases. This case is proved to be very difficult. For example, now visible DNA molecules responsible for obesity, baldness, cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia and other diseases. But in dealing with these illnesses we can not because of this or that feature meets not one but a group of genes, and which of them include-off function is still unknown. But here at least found a connection! If you do not know what "letter" is responsible, then it will remain unknown kanji.

1. Where in the "book of life" blank pages?

The biggest problem faced by scientists — this is a huge "white" areas in the DNA molecules. No one still can not understand what they are for. Imagine that in your genotype as a "taped", written all the information about the structure of proteins — the basis of life. And suddenly, when listening to the sound disappears in some places, like in these places the tape erased. Such sites are some geneticists call "garbage." But Leo Kiselev, for example, do not agree. After all, evolution gets rid of the litter, not hoard it. Maybe it's a kind of emergency supply of the body in case of force majeure, when the man suddenly have to mutate to survive?

— In the genome revealed a large number of molecular "remains" of viruses that once upon a time, once in it, there were — says Academician Kiselev. — We know very little about their biological role, but what is surprising is that monkeys "traces" of viruses is much less or not at all. It is possible that these "gnats" played an important role in the "humanization" monkey.

2. Why are we twins?

— Surprisingly, studies have shown that people belonging to different races, have very small differences in the genomes — says Doctor of Biological Sciences, Institute of General Genetics. Vavilov Sciences Nicholas Jankowski. — This means that we are all in fact — the relatives. We differ from each other only about one "letter" of the thousands of nucleotides.

3. Our brother — a worm?

— Surprisingly, genetically we are not very different, for example, from the round worm, — professor, deputy head of the Russian "Human Genome Project" Alexander Zelenin.

— After all, we only 2.5 times more genes than the tiny invertebrate. Or small gorchichku "Arabidopsis" — seemingly nobody wants a plant — a 25 — 28,000 genes against "our" 33 thousand. We are 90 percent identical on the "letters" with a mouse and a little more than one percent different from chimpanzees.

Is not it strange: all life on Earth as if collected from one box style designer "Lego" and the mind is given only homo sapiens?

4. Provisions of the individual — in my head

Just as gene brain poorly understood. But we know that he is ready for any external changes. After all, we only use one-tenth of its neurons "supreme commander."

— In the brain, as in the ancient treasure is kept very strange information — says neurosurgeon one private clinic in Moscow Vladimir Mamaev.

— In the dream, people often see what happened a long time ago with his ancestors. And anyone still not clear: it is a genetic memory or knowledge which came from outside. The most interesting thing is that since people are very fragile and defenseless, but in reality — it is a phenomenon of vitality and stamina. Living tissues are not only an amazing ability to regenerate, amazing strength, but also a high degree of adaptability to any emergency situations. For example: a man fell from the ninth floor and unharmed — only scratches and bruises! All this speaks of the enormous "margin of safety" of the body.


So, in a man is hidden a lot of the time being "silent" reserves. When nature will finally give them the will, the person will change dramatically?

That's what people think about this futurologists.

Ph.D., author of "The prospects of the evolution of mankind" Yuri Fomin:

— Some researchers believe that people — is the pinnacle of evolution. As a species it can survive for millions of years, if not destroy itself. This is not true. In place of homo sapiens comes a new, improved look. The fact that the world periodically occurred activation wavelets "mutagen" causing unexpected mutation and thus — changing species. Now mutations can wake up again because of man-made human activities. Survive in such conditions, only a more versatile creature obladayuscheeѕ telepathy, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. These abilities and has a modern man, but not everyone can use them.

Researcher at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, the author of science fiction Andrew STOLYAROV:

— When people find the key to the whole genome, which already has all the information about the person — from the evils before the date of death — and learn how to use the brain to the "full extent", they inevitably have a desire to remake themselves. And then kind of "reasonable man" quietly fade away, he possessed was exhausted biological destiny. So in due time, almost without cataclysms Neanderthals died out, giving way to a more developed and advanced Cro-Magnon race.

In the next issue we will tell the club about the developments of scientists from institutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where, stimulating the development of super abilities, prepare supermen!


Svetlana COUSIN

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