Replacement of an arbitrator helped Rostov

[Img =] Thanks to goals from Akimov and Akhmetovich "Rostov" defeated "Khimki", interrupting devyatimatchevuyu lose-lose series. The match was remembered by replacing the linesmen. The last match of the 17th round of Russian Football Championship was the opposition in Rostov-on-Don, where the local team took "Khimki", located on the bottom of the standings. This match mentor Rostovites Oleg Dolmatov put a different composition than the match against the capital’s "Locomotive". Recovered from the trauma of muscles of the front of the thigh Dusan Andjelkovic replaced by Roman Lengyel. Also joined the team Dmitry Akimov. As part of "Khimki" this time appeared on the rookie team Ivan Starkov, in his first match for the Moscow club who had put on the captain’s armband. [Cut] Both teams standings situation leaves much to be desired. Still, "Rostov" still had a chance to climb into the middle of the standings and maintain residence in the Premier League. However, this team of Oleg Dolmatova was necessary to win. From the first minutes began an active and uncompromising struggle. On the first minute of the meeting, landed badly, damage was Zhevanovich who needed the help of doctors. After a couple of minutes Akimov deduced Gitselova on goal, but the moment was lost. Following "Rostov" organized another scoring chance. Lebedenco, dragging the ball to the penalty "Khimki", ran for a rendezvous with Berezovsky, but was stopped by the defenders. As a result, the referee pointed to the corner, but Berezovsky was angry, cursing at defenders. However, guests are not left behind. Himchanam have something to answer. After an acute lumbago Kozhanova the far post Romashchenko not enough just a couple inches to open the scoring. Yet yellow ran like rabbits, energizers, threatening the goal, time to go back and apply strong sighting shots on goal Berezovsky. The latter occupies Gitselov and aspen, and their colleagues Akimov Lebedenco Trays partners shells. [Img =] Berezovsky was a lot of work, however, after half of the first half, the advantage was on the side of "Rostov". Himchanam also had to fend off more than by going on the attack. In general, the first half took on a collision course. No team went on the defensive, Rostov else ever tried to jack up the pace of the game. Yellow actively used the flanks to transport the ball into the penalty "Khimki". Guests also differed inaccurate transmissions and earned "standards" that Prison could not implement. By the end of the first half wards Sarsanii Constantine began to act to gather the ball began to reach the addressee. "Rostov" went on a spending spree moments. For example, Lebedenco unused beautiful moment. Running from Rotenberg, rostovchanin already reached the area "Khimki", but his shot so that the ball went into the hands Berezovsky. As part of Khimki except Blatnyaka, even Romashchenko not use favorable moments. Jumping out of a crowd of players in the penalty "Rostov", Maxim could not smuggle the ball into the opponent’s net after a corner. Early in the second there was something waiting for Rostov fans more than 400 minutes. After 52 minutes, threw the ball Lebedenco Akimov in touch sent the ball into the gate "Khimki". Soon match decorated extraordinary event — the replacement side of the arbitrator. One of the linesmen Eugene Volnin injured, but instead entered the game Michael fork. Having a bright box, he took his place on the touchline. In the second half, the game became slower. "Rostov" has already started to play on the account, and the "Khimki" did not help even made replacement. After the shock Nizamutdinova the ball did not want to fly into the gate Gerus. By the end of the match Khimki intensified, began to spend more time in the penalty "Rostov", but roll the ball into the goal they have not succeeded. You can not say about the "Rostov". The final point in the match put Mersudin Akhmetovich that in stoppage time finished off the enemy. The match ended in victory for the home side, who climbed to tenth place, ahead of team-loser of the championship Samara "Wings of the Soviets." "Khimki" however, continued to close the roster. [B] Rostov — Khimki 2:0 [/ b] [i] Goals: Akimov, 52; Akhmetovich, 90 Rostov Gerus, Astafev Zivanovic, Lengyel, Andjelkovic, Gitselov (Akhmetovich 71), Kulchiy, aspen (Slivich, 89), Gatskan, Lebedenco, Akimov (Petrovic, 86) Khimki Berezovsky, Rothenberg, Ibragimov, Trivunovich Romashchenko, Samsonov (Mamonov, 73), Cvetkovic, Prison, Starks, leather (Maximov, 83), Popov (Nizamutdinov, 54 ) Warning: Zivanovic, 2; Gitselov, 68; Gerus, 90; Akhmetovich, 90 — Romashchenko, 33; Cvetkovic, 55, Starks, 72 Referee: Layushkin (Moscow) Rostov-on-Don. "Olimp-2" Rostov-mole — Khimki say 0:0 [/ i]

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