[Report 1TV] Dean Garipova — 5th place at Eurovision

Revealing outfits, dizzying special effects, circus acts. All this is not about Dean Garipov. Russia made a bid for her "voice." And made the right decision.

Russian singer supported in the countries from which the least one could have expected. 10 points of our country have given a known trendsetter in the world of pop music Great Britain, Ireland and Slovenia also. Highest score 12 from Latvia and Estonia. But traditionally generous scoring for Russia Azerbaijan, Greece, Hungary, Romania — put at zero. In the end, Dean has earned 174 points.

"If our song appreciated by so many countries, I think it does not matter that not all of us were given high scores. This is the first. Secondly, I am very pleased that the vote was not of a geographic social principle when neighbors voting for neighbors. Our song in popularity among European listeners fifth, it’s great, "- said the director of the department of music broadcasting Channel Yuri Aksyuta.

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