Report from the world of microelectronics Ukrainian oasis

"Day of" been there, where the elements are born "nervous system" the most modern cars


Sometimes, to find a sensation, just look around. After the "Day" has moved to a new office, we got an interesting neighborhood. In fact, at arm’s length from the editors of "Day" works company Melexis. It can rightly be regarded as an oasis of modern world of microelectronics in Ukraine, the workshop where ideas turn into reality. It’s hard to believe, but actually in Ukraine can be seen as a modern miracle born automotive microelectronics, which meets international standards. And the most difficult part of the modern car design Ukrainian (!) Engineers. But first things first … 

"Meleksis-Ukraine" is one of the main centers of development of a multinational company Melexis (the third-largest center. — Ed.), At least six of chips that can be found almost in every BMW, Toyota, Porsche, Mazda, Audi, Skoda, Ford. The company‘s headquarters is located in Belgium, and has offices located in Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia. For reference — a company known worldwide for its modern SoC-chips that combine on a single chip microcontrollers with a variety of sensors. It can be pressure, temperature or acceleration, infrared and optical sensors. Such "smart" sensors make up the lion’s share in the range of (50%). In Melexis sensor circuit supplies the motor control (for windows, pumps and the like), RFID-chip and other wireless systems on a chip.

For example, among the known development Melexis — «the weather sensor." Apparently, many drivers annoying inability to adjust the speed of the "janitors", depending on the rain intensity. But if your car is equipped with the appropriate sensors, it can detect changes of the weather (rain sensor) and the wipers run optimally.

Thanks to the company’s products Melexis car turns into an intelligent system, similar to the "thinking organism." If you compare this "organism" with the human body, the eyes, nose, ears and fingers act as sensors that read the information, and the nervous system transmits it from one organ to another, creating a movement in the muscles.

So, the Kiev office is developing itself the body, which causes the car to think about. "Our products are used in all the leading automotive brands. According to the agreements with partners, we can not name specific brands, but the statistics in 2011 shows that today in every modern car can be found in an average of six chips of our company, "- said the" Day "director" Meleksis-Ukraine "Anna Potapov.

"Meleksis-Ukraine" is one of the main centers of development of mixed-signal ICs, embedded software and systems for industrial testing. Small staff of 50 engineers in Kiev for more than ten years creating the real "know-how" in the field of micro-electronics for the automotive industry. In an interview with the "Day" is one of the employees said that in fact experts specializing in the design and development of modern chips, the world is not so much, so out of 50 Ukrainian experts — is a significant contribution to the world of microelectronics. Moreover, it is in the Kiev office in 2004, engineers have developed a chip angular velocity sensor, which is the main component of the gyroscopes used today stabilization systems and navigation systems between sessions on satellites. Also, a proprietary Kiev office is an intelligent wireless pressure sensor and temperature in the tires. The data obtained from each wheel is sent via a radio link to a central computer car that warns the driver in advance of an emergency tire failure.

"Day" at the invitation of the director and went to the enterprise. We were amazed by the level of organization of labor and … atmosphere. The average age of the employees … 30-35. The young team loves his job. And at the company is very serious. For example, in laboratory reliability can pass without corresponding uniform and "instrument" Check battery protection electrical charge on special devices. After all, this is where the final stage of product development, the chip is subjected to the severest test methods — "fried", "soaked", "dry" and "freeze", in short, checked for reliability under extreme conditions.

The development of products for the automotive market requires kompanїї Melexis sobledeniya the highest standards for quality and reliability of chips, explained to us. If the chip is responsible for security (for example, control wheel, gas pedal, brakes), the reliability requirements are close to the standards of the aviation industry. Introduce only each chip must be tested in continuous operation at temperatures +150 ° C. .. +175 ° C for 3000, 4000, up to 5000 hours. It is not allowed no failure.

PS In Ukraine, for many years an ongoing debate about the development of national capacity in high technology. During this time, the domestic market is flooded foreign technology. A people’s minds — skepticism to domestic technological capabilities. The vast majority of Ukrainians, choosing between domestic and imported, unfortunately, take the latter. Therefore, sellers are more likely to prefer not to think of "native" in the wake of products …

Between the editorial and now "Meleksis-Ukraine" has two well-known non-Ukrainian automotive interior of cars. So, going back to the editor after a tour of Ukrainian oasis world of microelectronics, this writer went to one of them, posing as the buyer. And when the consultant has demonstrated excellent opportunities imported car, flashed through my head: "But still our know how!".

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