Report / How to collect BTR

Report from the Arzamas Machine Building Plant.


Ready to send the machine to the customer. Customers are different, but above all it is the Russian army. 



Each machine is going individually. It all starts with the fact that the housing bolted chassis.

Inside the armored car at the initial stage, paving the highway and all the wires.

"Front door" Armored car is fully sealed.

Engine "KAMAZ", diesel, after the installation being piloted around 100km. At each stage of the build continuous monitoring of quality. 

Final assembly and debugging. Note purity.

Installation and adjustment of the transmission and suspension.

Preliminary check mechanization towers and suspension

The site receiving military commission with. Before the arrival of "the most important General", the car washed, vacuumed, and once again checked. 

Everything is ready for inspection.

Conveyors are working in as many as three shifts. Each collected from 3 -5 machines night. 

Demonstration races at the site

PS tried to look like it was not. 

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