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Photo report from the April presentation: Moscow 81-760 and "Rusychi" for Sofia. 

A similar report was already here, but I decided to add this one, more advanced, and the comments of man "in the subject." Under the cut a lot of beautiful pictures and interesting disk imaging ;)

1. We start from a checkpoint. At the entrance of the administrative building of the factory installed architectural composition depicting the rapidly sweeping through the tunnel And the type of car. His other symbols of national metrovagonostroeniya and the plant itself, and turned the monument frustrated hopes. Such is the irony of life.

2. 217th shop, where there is a build new subway cars, in this case, the Sofia order. There is no assembly line here and there never was — do not read the newspaper nonsense (the only one in the factory assembly line is in the dining room, on his trays with plates to the sink go).

3. Mytishchi cooperate with Bulgaria has been successfully — first in 1990 for the start line of the Sofia Metro was released 48 numbered cars, and when the subway started to actively expand, it took additional cars, and it is now "Rusychi." The two main differences from Moscow’s "Rusich" of the same model years — engines «Hitachi» instead of Russian, unusual coloring (are tried different options), And of little things on the set.

4. Current modification mnogodvernaya air-conditioned, in the old version of the car body are no longer made.

5. With this coloring head coaches have turned very touching.

6. The beauty of the same.

7. Just look at those eyes!

8. Cab (chair have not yet installed).

9. Salon.

10. For Sofia the rail color, while Moscow orders only chromium — a tradition.

11. Thanks to the introduction of "lean production", it looks very neat and culturally.


13. As long as the installation of equipment and trim, the car lifted on specific technological carts. Then it is rolled "native" wheeled trolley, set-up and he will go to them already.

14. "Second floor" of production, which is an installation of interior, electrics.

15. It will soon begin to collect salon.



18. Windshield cooked to glueing.


20. Now go to the heroes of the occasion — the cars 81-760 (head) and 81-761 (intermediate). After the failure of the failed revolution in the form of "Jauzy", the plant decided to make another attempt to make a new generation of subway cars. It is assumed that this will be the platform on the basis of which to make the car any configuration — from the most "poor" to Moscow "full stuffing." While the sin in half done, "Moscow," let’s see what will come next.

The cars started designing in 2005, when even more about air conditioners speech was not, his thoughts on the maximum cost reduction. Now here selected the best of the "Rusich" converted to the Soviet twenty-meter standard (who was born on the same plant — this in the next section), and added more of something new.

21. Cabin. Machinists provided with a new ergonomic remote with a touchscreen. There is also installed with the normal evacuation ladder stairs (not the primitive Rubberized ramp as in "Jauze"). Job ladder is shown in detail below.

22. Salon. Another confirmation of the fact that the plant has a secret design department handrails. No one knows about it, but he certainly is — I’m sure of it.

But joking aside, the passengers should be a little more comfortable: a vandal sofas now thick cushions, legs would not rest on the iron boxes, wider aisle has become.

The only thing standing in the ground near the door again be nothing to hold on — this time no ceiling hangers and straps, tassels. Why — I do not know. But the department is experimenting with them a secret for a long time, can ever doeksperimentiruyutsya to something worthwhile.

23. Outside, the car was very brutal. The original painting, which both gave preference to the new chief Ivan Besedin subway, only reinforces the impression.

24. Strannovataya mask with lights from "Shahs" does not add to the joy. With LEDs it would be cooler, but the underground for some reason this idea was abandoned.

25. We proceed to the next nave, where there is an active assembly of gray future of the Moscow metro. This year the order of 320 cars, the next — another 312.

26. Alone "Metrovagonmash" as master can not, therefore, to "help" a row of holding another site — the famous Tver Wagon Works (TVZ), the celebrated their second-class compartment cars and long-distance trains.

In April, there were issued only body with double-glazed, and now interim coaches TVZ makes entirely.

27. It can be clearly seen unusual protrusions on the sides of front door — the body is adapted for mounting intercar transitions (harmonica).

Moscow has always argued reluctance to put their fire protection standards and, as a sad and cynical as it may sound, terrorist attacks: it’s better to fire or shock wave will remain inside a car than runs through the entire structure.

But recently Bessedin proposed the idea to buy the same train with a through pass at some future time. Who knows, you might be dissuaded him, but maybe not.









36. Like the kind of trained to install reclining sliding doors. Incidentally, unlike the "Rusich" where Finnish doors here — Germany.



39. Conditioners French, on the car are two such hefty piece (plus a small block in the driver’s cabin).

It was first used light air disinfection (all seen — in hospital wards are hanging) than the factory is very proud of. In theory, this should win such a thing as "cold from the air conditioner", but in words everything is beautiful, but in real life performance solutions still need to watch.


41. Panels finishing the cockpit and cabin from the wrong side.

42. And now we are moving into a zone set-up, where we are waiting for a ready structure, the head coach is special for us will include (but not are powered by high voltage, and from its own batteries).


44. After a few minutes of the lighting will work, running lines and scoreboards, and nabezhit crowd greedy to all working journalists.

45. Simulator driver metro :)

46. Fashionable board with LCD display, which sensible application until you come up — now duplicate the same graphics, which makes the nearby "progress bar". Basically, here you can give even advertising, though abstract videos — you name it.

However, it was logical to do everything naddvernoe a large-screen display, and it intelligently display all the information on the route of the train, transplants. This I’m not talking about the same in English. In general, it would be the case, but not useless crap like this.

47. In the end predumotreno interior space for strollers and next — funny single seat.

48. Inside, four cameras — two at the ends, and another one in an emergency call devices. By default, the engineer get a picture with the camera outside cabin, which replaced the former tramvoopasnye mirrors, but on request it can see what’s going on in any of the car, or even — in the rear cabin (yes, in the cockpits of the camera, too.)

Also, this whole thing is broadcast in the Situation Centre, which is viewed in a scanning mode, and when you receive a call from the train operator can immediately see the situation in the car.

49. Now — evacuation ladder. In the combat readiness of the unfolded state, it looks like this.

50. In the video, the activation of the ladder with two employees of the plant, but the driver, which is the default one on the train, easy to decompose the ladder itself. It takes a minute, after which the entire thousand passengers can leave the car systems.

    50. In the video, the activation of the ladder with two employees of the plant, but the driver, which is the default one on the train, easy to decompose the ladder itself. It takes a minute, after which the entire thousand passengers can leave the car systems.

    51. According to one of the car runs out!


    53. Do not miss the fun wide-angle shot of the ditch.

    54. On the occasion of undercar look at some of the new super-metros.



    57. Ready carts and collectors in boxes.

    58. They never go to Moscow in boxes — before arriving at the station they do not need, and a fragile thing.



    61. Suddenly caught rusichevaya mask.

    62. I’m tired of the harsh cars and want more Workshop about Film starts? Here you please — the factory cat!

    63. Lets go through the rest of the cars of our composition. Set-up has already passed, now it is prepared for shipment and transfer to the subway.









    72. Then I allowed myself to the fact that the program activities was not provided. Namely — walked into a roped off area where the composition is fed to the "high" to check it out for yourself — what if it is not collected.

    Ordinary journalists and bloggers without strict supervision to be here is not: 750 volt
    s, Snow falls chump, you get the idea. Unusually like me — you can.

    Sofia stood there "Rusich", which starting-up and adjustment as has been very interesting.

    73. Open all compartments of the equipment.


    75. Here passengers can was surprised to see how many turns out to be in the car every opening and recline!


    77. ECU. Normally it is translated to instructions from the cabin, but can be configured individually and for each car.

    78. The interim coach is one of the ends can somehow serve as a cab — block machines, voltmeters, pressure gauges, crane driver, shunting mini-console. The car can move completely independently, but depot maneuvers at peretsepke still prefer to tow the interim head coaches — it’s easier and more familiar.

    79. Cabin.

    80. For a machinist.

    81. Simulator driver — Bulgarian version.

    82. Learn to speak blgarski.


    84. Meanwhile, at the other end of the nave come rolling out on transborder ready to ship cars — let’s see how it goes.

    85. To cling to the carriage rope and slowly tightened on transborder lebedochkoy.

    86. The speed of the video can be estimated.

      86. The speed of the video can be estimated.



      89. Transborder built on the basis of size "Yauz" and rail buses. For longer "Rusich" had to make a modification of the collective farm — to weld a hanging structure which is attached to the transborder every time you need to drag the trolley.


      91. In this case, there is still a ways from the other side — to give the car back to Special version is not needed and is removed.

      Now we see there 760 cars ready, come from Tver body, as well as several rusichevyh body-halves — as such, fortunately, they can ride on transborder freely.


      93. Immediately ready Sofia gap.


      95. Types of body, which will travel to St. Petersburg for Oktyabrsky Electric Factory (OEVRZ) — another enterprise "Transmashholding", originally a purely rail, and since 2008 — and metrovagonnoe. The main idea was to give back overhaul of Moscow and assembly of new license to unload Mytishchi.

      And besides, OEVRZ very successfully found a tasty tender for the St. Petersburg subway cars of the new generation as a local factory — built there own version of the 760’s of cars under the symbol 81-780 / 81-781 and was named "Ladoga". We look forward to what the outcome opposition with a competitor from "Vagonmash" …

      96. And finally — a little entertainment for the cameramen: driving rafts intermediate cars 760 shunting locomotive back and forth.

      97. In this video, absolutely everything perfectly.

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