Report / Novosibirsk construction of a third bridge over the Ob

In Novosibirsk, construction of a road bridge across the Ob River, which connects the Kirov regions and October 2014. Olovozavodskoy bridge in Novosibirsk — the third bridge over the Ob, the construction of which began in February 2010. 

Construction site of the bridge is an integral part of the backbone of the road of continuous movement on the extension of the M-51 "Baikal" from the border city of Novosibirsk to abut the highway M-52 "Chuiski" with a bridge over the river Ob. The project envisages construction of road highway, stretching 5.82 km from the street. Vatutina to the street. Oakwood moving into the intersection of ul. Kirov and elective.

Greater reliance number 5 (left bank)

Greater reliance number 6 (right bank)

General view. 

Construction of an interchange at the intersection of the street Bolshevik

Construction of an interchange at the intersection of the street Vatutina


Overpass width of 43 m with a span length of 66 m 

Six lanes will cross the street Vatutina angle.

And here, for comparison, the building looked like a year ago:

Supports number 14 and number 15 ready for sliding.

Sliding of the span 6-10. The construction of the supports 10 and 11. View from the island in the river. Yin

Visible disassembled berth number 1. From then it will collect temporary supports for the construction of the superstructure 19-23

The construction of the foundation pillars number 9 and number 10

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